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Ademo Freeman – Founder

Location: New Hampshire

Ademo is the founding member of, which he started due to his personal experiences with law enforcement. He’s a victim of the war on drugs, twice. Ademo hopes to provide people an outlet, support base and informational site to help others highlight police abuses. Through his contributions to Ademo hopes folks will realize that the problem with police isn’t the individuals themselves, but rather the institution. Allowing the government to have a monopoly on protection is the problem and competition is the answer.

Ademo has been involved with other projects such as Motorhome Diaries, Liberty On Tour and Free Keene.

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Brett Perry – Contributor

Location: Indiana

I started getting into politics my senior of year of high school, 2000, during the Bush/Gore election and was a die hard Republican. During the 2004 Presidential Campaign I became fed up with the Republican establishment and started turning towards the Libertarian Party. A few years ago I started sliding more and more against the Establishment and during the 2008 campaign I turned completely against the establishment and am now a self described Anarchist/Voluntarist. I have a daughter who was born in 2003 and am very family oriented. Feel free to contact me about anything you think I would like, critique is welcome as well as support.

I was offered the chance to contribute on Cop Block and jumped at it because one of my big issues is scaling back the police state and holding police accountable. They are not above the law.

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Cloe – Podcaster

Location: Arizona

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Dr. Q – Editor / Staff Writer / War on Cameras Map creator

Location: New Hampshire

I’m a college student studying psychology in New Hampshire. In my spare I enjoy reading, writing, computers, and spending time with friends and family.

I joined Cop Block to raise awareness about a number of issues that concern me including but not limited to police brutality and misconduct, the militarization of American police, and the criminalization of victimless behaviors.

In addition to writing articles for Cop Block and sharing interesting stories and videos, I created and maintain a project called The War on Cameras: An Interactive Map which tracks cases of government officials harassing, attacking, and arresting people for using cameras or trying to cover up video evidence.

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Drew Phillips – Podcast Video Producer

Location: Arizona

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Dylan Boswell – Staff Writer & Graphics

Location: Arizona

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Jenn Chou – Staff Writer

Location: California

I majored in communications studies at UCLA, obtained my J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law and now practice in civil litigation.

I am involved in Cop Block because I am deeply moved by justice and am concerned with the liberties, welfare and dignity of the individual. I refuse to accept that violence, torture, robbery and murder are tolerable when committed by people in uniforms.

I advocate change through voluntary means. I don’t believe in use of force and coercion to effect change.

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Paula Parmeley Carter– Staff Writer

Location: Missouri

I attended Northwest Missouri State University where I recieved a B.S. in Medical Technology. I now work as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in a large hospital in Missouri.

I am a Market Anarchist who believes that although government is never necessary, it is inevitable, so we must be vigilant against its expansion and against its gross abuses.

I joined Cop Block because I believe that holding the police accountable for their bad behaviour is one of the first steps in our journey towards a free society. I also believing that exposing the abuses of the police is the best way to convince people that we should end the government monopoly on protective services and privatize the police.

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Nick Saorsa– Podcaster

Location: Arizona

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Pete Eyre– Strategist

Location: New Hampshire

I went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement but fortunately I became involved with the liberty movement, first as an intern at the Cato Institute, then as a Koch Fellow, and later as an employee at the Institute for Humane Studies and Bureaucrash before going on the road with the Motorhome Diaries and Liberty On Tour.

I’m involved with Cop Block because it’s mission – showcasing that those with a piece of metal pinned to their chest do not have extra rights – aligns with my belief in natural rights. I’m excited to leverage that perspective through the tools at our disposal – cameras, video hosting sites and networks of principled activists – to help others question the Statist Quo.

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Robert G.– Contributor & Forum Mod

Location: Florida

After studying criminal law and obtaining my licenses from the Coast Guard, I now work in the Maritime Industry as a captain/ engineer and firefighter/medic.

I joined Cop Block to help create awareness. I feel the mainstream media ignores the majority of stories about police abusing their power . I always wanted to be a cop until I was falsely arrested and attacked by the ones I looked up to. After watching these corrupt officers never be held accountable for their illegal actions, I quickly changed my mind on my career choice. In the 12 years since that happened, I have witnessed thousands of cops breaking the law, beating, killing people and getting away with it. I feel corrupt cops need to be exposed and held accountable when they commit illegal activities.

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