Rebirth of an Anomaly

Welcome to the Rebirth of Anomaly Radio. In the coming weeks you'll see and hear the continued improvement of the Anomaly Radio Network, both in the content of the station's Talk Shows and Music but also here on the website. 

Anomaly Radio is pretty much the work of one man … me, SMiles Lewis. So very often it can be hard to keep everything running smoothly. And when personal setbacks occur they generally flow over into ones work. Dealing with computers, audio equipment and technology in general are always one of the most challenging aspects of my business and personal life. But as always “we are an adaptable lot” and suffice to say I've always found a way to make due with what I have until the next wind-fall occurs to further our obsessions and passions.

Things are settling down and moving forward here at the Anomaly Radio Ranch in the Austin Anomaly of Texas. So I finally am able to give the station the attention it so justly deserves. I can't tell you how excited I am as things have come together over the last few weeks. Anyway … on to some of the stuff that's had me so excited lately.

The NightWatch Show with Todd Sheets

We are finalizing the Schedule for the new season of Talk and Music Shows that we have lined-up for the station relaunch that is coming over the next month and a half. We'll have more details in the coming days but if you've been tuned in this past week you may have already heard one of our newly syndicated shows, The NightWatch Show with host Todd Sheets. We transmitted his show live Tuesday night and enjoyed guests discussing the latest and greatest Ghost Hunting research and events plus someone discussing one of the more dubious UFOlogical historical overviews I've ever heard. It was a GREAT show! We're going to carry his live show as often as possible while also rebroadcasting archives of his past shows.

We've got several other new Shows coming aboard the Anomaly Radio Network, including the brand spankin new show from fellow Kook Adam Gorightly called … Untamed Dimensions! Gorightly is the author of several excellent books including The Manson Mythos and The Prankster and The Conspiracy.

Some of the other upcoming Schedule updates include The Return of Liberated Space! Past Host of this legendary Austin Texas Libertarian radioshow, Angela Keaton, returns to the “airwaves” next month …


We're also proud to announce that we will soon be airing the podcast shows of several up and coming paranormal and parapolitical podcasters including Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez of Nervous Teeth podcasting outta Monterey Park, California … AND …

… One of the youngest paranormal podcasters I've yet to meet produces the popular Cryptic Universe podcast that is currently undergoing a face-lift and rebirth of it's own into Globide Paranormal. Check out the podcast and the young man's efforts at his websites and MySpace page.

This and much Much MUCH MORE is Coming Soon to Anomaly Radio! We're even going to have Audiobook and Radio Theater hours airing excerpts and live performances!