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Angela Keaton Interviews Erping Zhang on The Liberated Space

Angela Keaton Interviews Erping Zhang on The Liberated Space

Zhang is Director of Association for Asian Research in New York City. His research focuses on China’s political economy, foreign policy, social change, and human rights issues. His publications cover a range of topics involving China issues.

Zhang has been a panel speaker at World Summit on Information Society in Geneva, the European Parliament, and at the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. Zhang has also spoken at US Congress, Italian Parliament, Swedish Parliament, Norwegian Parliament, Korean National Assembly, and before the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. Zhang has appeared on CNN, BBC, ABC’s The Nightline, PBS Charlie Rose Show, PBS NewsHour. He has spoken at the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Toronto, Stockholm University where he was a Guest Scholar at Center for Pacific Asia Studies, etc.

Zhang holds degrees from Beijing International Studies University, University of West Georgia, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and from John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University where he was also an Edward Mason Fellow.