Jon Phillips, Canton (TX) Police Employee Accused of Harassment

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The following was shared by Leah Toups via She recounts being issued ransoms by Jon Phillips, a Canton, Texas police employee, for actions that have no victim, who then continued to harass and engage in stalker-like behavior. It seems clear that Toups would not voluntarily hire Phillips to “protect” her – I wonder how many others in Canton feel the same?


Aggressor: Jon Phillips badge #109
Outfit: Canton TX Police Department
Phone: 903-567-4991

I am a single white female who is terrified for my safety in my small hometown in which I have lived for 23-years. For the last 12-months I have been continuously harrassed by Officer Jon Phillips. The incident that occurred on September 13, 2014 put the nail in the coffin, so to speak.

At approximately 3:30 pm on Saturday afternoon I was returning home from running errands. I was at a complete stop on a State Highway 64 waiting to make a left turn onto Old Kaufman Road (my residential area). Officer Phillips was approaching the stop sign at Old Kaufman Road attempting to turn right onto State Highway 64. He was traveling at an unsafe rate of speed, ran the stop sign, and made his right turn into traffic coming his way (I was stopped waiting to turn). I immediately heard the acceleration of the police car and took note that he ran the stop sign but dismissed it as I thought that maybe he had received a call, although, he did not have his emergency lights on NOR his siren.

After I negotiated my turn I looked back and noticed that Officer Phillips (now about 1/4th of mile up the road headed the opposite direction from me) tapped his breaks. I continued traveling down my road on to my home. Approximately 30-seconds later I noticed a police car approaching my car with great speed. The speed limit on said road is 25 mph. I looked down at my speedometer and I was traveling 27 mph. I then let up off the accelerator in preparation to make a left turn into my neighborhood. I signaled and turned, and without a turn signal, he followed me.

I traveled about 1/4th of a mile further and he pulled me over. The reason for the stop was my speed which he clocked at 29 mph in a 25 mph speed zone. He wrote me two citations: speeding and failure to change address within 30-days.

I have lived in my new home for 45-day, which Phillips knows because he somehow acquired my address the day I moved in and since has proceeded to drive in front of my house 2-3 times a day, park in my driveway and wait for me to come home or to leave, sat along the curbside in front of my residence, beat on my front door, and treat me like a criminal for a simple unpaid ticket THAT HE ISSUED ME for expired registration.

This man is a predator! He needs to have his badge taken away!!! I have a complaint with the police department on file and currently working on another depicting Saturday’s incident.

Editors Note: Will Mike Echols – the head-honcho of the Canton Police Outfit – find his colleague Phillips did anything wrong? That’s unlikely, per the perverse incentives inherent in the thin blue line culture, but it’s great that Toup sought to make others aware of his actions through her post. One suggestion for Toups and anyone else in such a situation – film all encounters with police employees. If video of the actions Phillips is said to have done existed (and perhaps it does from his dash camera?) it would go a long way to show that, far from “protecting and serving,” he is a menace to the community.

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Adam Gorightly – Historia Discordia

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Gorightly’s back again with a new book based on his custodial ownership of the original holy documents of the Discordian movement. The religion, founded in a Southern California bowling alley in 1957, was the first modern joke disguised as a religion, or was it?

We talked about the history of the Discordians, Gorightly’s interaction with Discordian-affiliated luminaries like Robert Anton Wilson and Bob Newport, and its influence on the counterculture.

Halfway through the program, I played the 1975 hit, “Convoy,” featuring Adam Gorightly singing under his CIA-assigned pseudonym, “C.W. McCall.”

Photo of Gorightly as Rodin’s “Stinker” by Barbara Harris.

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The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 208

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Justice for Terry Groessel – Killed By Dallas Police Employees Jankowski and Herczeg

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This story was submitted by a relative of Terry Groessel, who was the third person killed by Dallas police employees in two weeks. It was shared, in an effort to put-forth a version of events that didn’t originate from the shooters or their friends, via the form at

The family has started a GoFundMe campaign to to raise money to start a lawsuit against the Dallas Police Department.


On the morning of 8/21, I received a text from my cousin asking me to call her. When I did, she explained that she just got word that Dallas Police Department shot and killed our Uncle Terry Groessel the night before at the Grand Hotel in Dallas.

Dallas police employees stated that the police were in the parking lot of the Grand Hotel scanning license plates, looking for stolen vehicles. They believed, for some reason, that Terry’s truck was stolen (had they scanned his plates, they would have immediately found out that it was NOT stolen).

Terry was living at the hotel at the time. Many news articles were attempting to justify his murder by slandering his name and listing his past crimes (including being a registered sex offender for having a 17-year-old girlfriend 20 years ago). He paid his time for his crimes, and was a changed man.

However, by 3:30 PM on 8/21, the story changed to “suicide.”

Related corporate news story: Dallas police say shot that killed suspect in officer-involved shooting was self-inflicted by Claire Cardona at

According to the police, we’re supposed to believe that the 20+ bullets shot at him didn’t end his life! but that a final shot by his own handgun was what ended his life. This is absolutely a lie, and my family has found two witnesses that say it was more like 40-60 bullets that Dallas police employees shot at him, it sounded like fireworks, and the police were 5-6 feet away from him while shooting (NOT by the squad car, as DPD reported).

After the first round of bullets, Terry was still alive, according to an eyewitness, with his hand(s) in the air as if he were surrendering or crying for help, then the second round of bullets were fired at him. Rather than calling an ambulance, the police waited 10-15 minutes before going to even check to see if he was actually dead.

According to both witnesses, the police were going throughout the hotel, telling people to go back to their rooms. They also had everyone who had photos or videos to turn them over to police, and then delete them.

The family is now trying to prosecute either the involved officers, or the Dallas Police Department. We feel like we have enough evidence for a case, and we have started a campaign to fund all incurred legal fees for this:

We need an excellent lawyer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Once we have a lawyer on retainer, we can obtain the police report and autopsy report, which have been behind red tape for the family since the incident.

Dallas Police Outfit

  •  (214) 671-3646
  • Aggressors: Jay Jankowski, Michelle Herczeg
  • 1400 S. Lamar St. Dallas, tx 75215

Known Texas-Based Police Accountability Groups

Justice for Terry Groessel – Killed By Dallas Police Employees Jankowski and Herczeg is a post from Cop Block – Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

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