Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies

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Sam Burnett, an employee of the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, kicked a man in his head who was sitting on the ground.

Korey Honea, the head-honcho of the Butte-based outfit, told ActionNewsNow.com “that he immediately launched an internal investigation to see if the deputy violated any policies.”

How can there be any question that kicking a seated person in the head doesn’t align with policies?

And a press release authored by Miranda Bowersox, another Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee doing damage control, framed the incident as a fight, of which the video captured only the end.

an internal investigation into this incident and has requested an independent investigation through the District Attorney’s Office. Deputy Burnett has been reassigned from patrol duties

In layman’s terms, that means Burnett is still on the job, and still being paid – he’s just, until the public attention on this situation dies down – being kept off the street.

And, since neither the corporate news coverage and certainly not the press release mentioned it – all those cited – Burnett, Honea, and Bowersox, subsist on money stolen from their neighbors. They claim the right to extort to then protect. How can anyone ever buy into their claim that they stand for transparency and accountability?

The person who was kicked in the head was supposedly questioned by Burnett per an outstanding warrant. Many may default to then think that person was in the wrong – but we are unaware of why that supposed warrant was said to exist. What if it were due to a non-crime? What if you partook in an action that caused no victim, that some self-proclaimed rulers decreed was illicit, and who then hunted you down, and kicked you in the head. Would you be in the wrong at all?

Clearly, without the video captured by bystander Shawn Montana, the action Sam Burnett chose to take – to kick a sitting man in the head – would likely not have received as much attention, thus setting the stage for something even more egregious.

If you have or witness a police interaction – film!


Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit

The Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employees seem more keen on making their paramilitary efforts – with a helicopter and Lenco Bearcat – seem normal to those they steal from (under the guise of protection).


Check out the double-speak employed by whatever Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee who shared the picture below to their Twitter account – I’m sure those girls desired the assistance of being caged for their non-crime.


Oh – and by the way – the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit is recruiting more to join it’s gang – just look at all the toys you could play with!




Thanks to Tim, who – recognizing the value in making more folks aware of Burnett’s unjust actions, shared this incident to Cop Block’s Twitter account.

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Para-Talk: Episode 91 – The Black Forest Haunting

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The Black Forest Haunting

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This week on Para-Talk Gareth and Reeves discuss a property located in Denver’s Black Forest, which once rented some very strange and disturbing phenomena emerged.

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Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Personnel Claim The Impossible

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Who killed Victor White III?

Which employee of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit will be the first to speak out?

From AddictingInfo.org:

According to statements made by Louisiana State Police immediately after the incident, on March 2nd, 2014, 22 year old Victor White, III, of New Iberia, Louisiana, was stopped by police. Police suspected White was involved in a fight at a local convenience store. A deputy searched White, found narcotics on his person and arrested him. White’s hands were cuffed behind his back. He was placed in the back of a patrol car, then transported to the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Upon arriving at the station, White refused to exit the vehicle. As the arresting deputy called for assistance, White retrieved a handgun that he was hiding in his pants, then shot himself in the back. White was pronounced dead at a local hospital later that day.

In the five months that followed, the family was kept in the dark. No new information was released. Then, late last week, the Iberia Parish Coroner’s Office released the first page of the autopsy report. The autopsy, performed the same day White died, describes no back wounds at all. Instead, his cause of death is described as a gunshot wound to his right chest that passed through his left lung and heart, exited through his left armpit, and lacerated his upper arm. Although the autopsy still reports the official cause of death as suicide, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Yes, you read that correctly. The official police story, now corrected for accuracy by the autopsy is… White was stopped and thoroughly searched. Police found drugs, but no weapons. Then White, while seated in the back of a patrol car, with hands cuffed behind his back, miraculously produced a gun missed by deputies during their search. White then shot himself in the chest.

The claims made by the Iberia Parish personnel are ludicrous.

Fortunately, those closest to Victor – his parents Victor Sr. and his mother Vanessa, and the rest of his family – aren’t buying the story spun by those responsible. They started a GoFundMe campaign fundraiser, noting,

We are asking for your financial support as well as your prayers to help us bring to light the truth in this situation… We need to be able to produce an independent autopsy report… We vehemently disagree with its conclusion that my son shot himself in the right side of his chest while his hands were cuffed backward. This what they are asking us to believe is nearly if not completely impossible.

I’ve already put the unjust death of Victor White III on the radar of those active with the Louisiana-based groups listed at CopBlock.org/Groups, in the hope that someone invovled with one of those outlets will have the ability to dig into this situation.

How You Can Help

  • Visit the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit (300 Iberia Street, New Iberia, LA 70560) with a camera and ask questions. If you have a smartphone, stream the interaction so the footage is kept safely offsite. For related information see CopBlock.org/Apps Ideally, bring more than one friend as there is safety in numbers. If you’re new to such tactics refer to CopBlock.org/FilmThePolice
  • Submit FOIA requests to gain all available information. For related information see CopBlock.org/FOIA Where lies exist there are bound to be discrepancies. Already, those involved have changed their reports, what else is outlying? Is there any dash cam footage (perhaps showing the sheriff’s employees involved)? Is there any surveillance footage from the facility (perhaps showing the shooting)? Of course, those privy to the information may choose to censor, well-aware that transparency will oust their misdeeds.
  • Focus attention on those involved. Learn the names of those involved and make others aware. Share them via a post to CopBlock.org/Submit and, if you live in the area, knock on the doors of their neighbors and inform them of the situation. Ask them if they want to associate with someone who may have unjustly killed another.
  • Give support to the White family. Those around Victor White III are looking for answers, and they deserve them. If you are in a position to help them achieve that goal – whether through your own investigatory skills, a donation to their GoFundMe campaign through which they hope to get an independent autopsy, or anything else, make it happen.
  • If employed at the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit – speak the truth. If you were involved, directly or indirectly, or if you’ve heard some information that’s not been made public, change the situation. If Victor was your son or your nephew would you remain silent? Do what’s right. Obey your conscience, not the thin blue line.
  • Any other tactic that doesn’t involve the initiation of force. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Follow the course of action you think best.

New Iberia Sheriff’s Outfit

My son didn’t shoot himself. I never believed it. I won’t believe it.
- Victor White Sr.


Chavis Carter

This story is reminiscent of a situation that happened in two years ago in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in which another gentleman – Chavis Carter – was claimed to have shot himself while handcuffed in the back of a road pirate vehicle. Carter, like White, was said to have committed suicide with a handgun that had been overlooked by his captors.

Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Personnel Claim The Impossible is a post from Cop Block – Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

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