Wes Owsley

I am here to learn as much as I can about the different phenomena that I talk about on the show. I was the SysAdmin in Russia for NASA/MIR and the first 3 crews of the ISS. My background is in Anthropology and IT, and have been studying some subjects in the esoteric for almost 20 years. I have been called many things, a seeker, a watcher. I can converse in 4 languages and can read 3 more. If you want to be a debunker and tell me that these things don’t happen, well, bring it. I can speak with authority about the MIR and ISS Programs, UFOLOGY in the Balkans, and Biblical Anthropology especially in regards to the Desposyni. Looking forward to these discussions…

Feel free to contact me at wes@theblackfridays.net

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