Truth Frequency

With Chris Geo and Sheree

Sheree, (formerly known by her online handle Sociostudent) is a singer and researcher from East Texas. She has been recognized for her extensive research into pharmacology, sociology, psychology and eugenics. She has made appearances on shows such as the Corbett Report and acts as the “left brain” of Truth Frequency.

Chris Geo is a recording artist from Dallas, TX. Best recognized for his album “Global Resistance“, Chris’s research includes global economics, secret societies, occult practices/rituals of the elite, the 9/11 ritual sacrifice and hidden agendas. Chris tends to act as the “right brain” of Truth Frequency.

Truth Frequency was conceived by Chris & Sheree as an idea to create an archive of shows and information to expand the consciousness of mankind. We strive to be a non-biased and non-partisan platform bringing you a wide variety of local and world-renowned guests who cover everything from politics and psychology to spirituality, and esoteric/occult knowledge.

Through the grace of God, the Universe or whatever spiritual energy is guiding our journey, we have been privileged with an exponentially growing audience and a guest list that truly allows us to realize our goals of a global shift in consciousness. Our philosophy is simple. Through a global shift in consciousness, the New World Order can hold no power and will collapse on it’s own.

Truth Frequency is dedicated to the words of Thomas Jefferson – “Free trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none”. We support every researcher, radio station, fellow host, and activist group dedicted to the pursuit of truth and freedom of the physical, psychological and spiritual states of mankind.

Shows air LIVE Thursdays at 7pm via Polygraph Radio Network and Saturdays at 7pm via American Freedom Radio Network.

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