Joe McFall

joe-mcfall1Joe McFall received his undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Linguistics from Emory University in 1998. After working himself silly behind a desk for a few years, he came to the University of Georgia to pursue back-to-back masters degrees, one in Linguistics, which he completed in 2004, and one in Artificial Intelligence, which he is currently pursuing. out-there-radio-300x300His interest in strange and unexplained phenomena began at seven years old, when his grandmother gave him a copy of a Reader’s Digest book called Mysteries of the Unexplained, which still occupies a prime spot on his bookshelf. Throughout the rest of his childhood and teenage years, he enthusiastically sought information on the paranormal and the unknown. In college, this enthusiasm grew, and he began reading about government conspiracy, secret history, altered states of consciousness, bizarre political and religious belief systems, occult practices, futurism and more. He lives in Athens, Georgia with his two cats, Buddy and Flumpy.


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