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Scott HortonSince 1999 Scott Horton has hosted six radio shows in Austin, Texas, beginning with weekly tirade, Say it Ain’t So, on the infamous underground station Free Radio Austin – twice the target of FCC raids.

In December of 2001, under the pseudonym Philip Dru Horton launched The Way Sh*t Is, the Best I Can Tell for Radio KAOS 95.9 FM, defying description by inviting cranks from Austin’s eclectic renegade political scene to appraise news stories about the inevitable Middle Eastern quagmire.

By the spring of 2003, however, Horton took a serious turn with The Weekend Interview Show which he brought to the Republic Broadcasting Network in 2004.

AntiWar-Radio with Scott HortonConducting in-depth interviews with journalists, officials, academics and experts on government policy and public affairs, he recorded over 150 broadcasts with distinguished authors and government officials, including Seymour Hersh, Nat Hentoff, Scott Ritter, Sibel Edmonds, James Bovard, Ray McGovern, Michael Scheuer, Greg Palast, Daniel Ellsberg, James Bamford and Ron Paul.

Throughout 2005 Horton also brought his hard-hitting foreign policy analysis to the KOOP Evening News with Gabriel Vega at KOOP 91.7 FM.

In January 2007, Horton began a new project for the libertarian Antiwar Radio, featuring interviews from his daily show on KAOS 95.9 FM and those of veteran broadcaster Charles Goyette of KFNX AM 1100.

In October 2007, Horton won the Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin award for his coverage of the Iraq War.

The Austin Chronicle is that city’s alternative weekly newspaper.

Here’s what the critics said:

Best Iraq War Insight and Play-by-Play: ‘Anti-War Radio,’ 95.9/92.7FM A locally based program broadcasting in Austin, streaming and podcasting worldwide online, Anti-War Radio offers high-caliber commentary and guest interviews on the ongoing Mideast misadventure. Host Scott Horton, armed to the teeth with little-reported news and info, jettisons the pleasantries and PC radio lingo and tells listeners how it really is. As an added bonus, Horton often verbally lays waste to those seeking to prolong the billion-dollar bloodbath.

Anti-War Radio can be heard on local frequency KAOS 95.9 and 92.7

–twice recognized on these very pages for fine iconoclastic broadcasting: Arrrrrrr.

In addition to broadcasting, Horton founded which he sold in 2006. He also served as foreign policy advisor to 2004 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Michael Badnarik. The avid skateboarder is currently writing a book with former military intelligence and CIA counter-terrorism official Philip Giraldi under the working title Crying Wolf. His articles have also appeared at and the History News Network.

AntiWar Radio with Scott Horton – LIVE!

Scott Horton – Radio talk show host and foreign policy analyst. Scott started doing the Philip Dru interviews on Radio KAOS in April 2003. He moved theWeekend Interview Show to the local patriot kook network where somehow he lasted since August of 2004. When they asked him to start paying to do his show, that was the end of that.

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