Peeranormal: Hosts Mike Heiser, Natalina, Brian Godawa, Doug Overmyer, & Douglas Van Dorn

Natalina began her blogging career ten years ago focusing on an odd combination of celebrity gossip and social commentary, along with political editorializing. She was very much involved with progressive politics and worldy pursuits. As a devotee to various New Age practices with a keen interest in the paranormal and unexplained, Natalina launched her website in early 2008. The site was designed as a virtual cabinet of curiosities wherein Natalina explored all things esoteric and arcane.  After a long battle with crippling anxiety and panic attacks, Natalina had a transformative experience that changed her heart as she gave her life to Jesus Christ. Extraordinary Intelligence continues to thrive, but now explores the same topics, including the Supernatural, via a Biblical lens.  Natalina later launched her podcast Beyond Extraordinary in which she interviews a wide variety of guests and discusses a broad range of topics. Although she still occasionally blogs, the radio show has become her primary focus.


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