Doug Overmyer

Peeranormal: Hosts Mike Heiser, Natalina, Brian Godawa, Doug Overmyer, & Douglas Van Dorn

Doug Overmyer is the founder of Seers See Ministries, which seeks to frame certain supernatural events that some people experience within a biblical worldview.  Doug is the author of Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land, which applies Dr. Heiser’s “Deuteronomy 32 Worldview” and George Eldon Ladd’s “Kingdom of God theology” to spiritual warfare. While working in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, he has served as a leader in three church plants, where he learned firsthand how to equip those who have encountered the supernatural with the Kingdom of God. For more information, visit Doug’s website, or follow him on Twitter, @DougOvermyer. Doug lives in central Illinois with his wife Amy and their three children.

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