Aaron Gulyas

Aaron Gulyas

Associate Professor of History at Mott Community College

Aaron Gulyas is a teacher, writer and historian whose books have ranged from historical studies of conspiracy culture to guides for using film in the history classroom. He would love to bore you with stories of strange alien contacts that involve pancakes and funny hats.

A teacher, historian, and writer (generally in that order), Gulyas received his BA in History from Hanover College in 1998 as well as an MA in United States History from Indiana University-Indianapolis in 2003. He then moved into teaching, and has been at Mott Community College since 2006. His online courses include World History to 1500, World History to Present, American Military History, History of the Holocaust, and East Asia 1600 to Present. He also works with several of the college’s curriculum and accreditation efforts. Gulyas is the author of a number of articles and books on media history and criticism, science fiction, and fringe political cultures.

Podcast: The Saucer Life / Books @ Amazon

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