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Joseph J.

Joseph J.

Some of the regular readers here might be familiar with a series I’ve reposted here from Joseph J. Julicher’s website, “Hung by the Thin Blue Line.” There have been five posts (all linked below) that have been published at this site by myself, but about a month ago Julicher reached out to me saying he was getting some pressure from work to stop his blog posts. I decided to share his last two posts that would conclude the “Meet Telly Heath” saga and hadn’t checked his website since.

Today I got an email from Julicher, who stated that he received a cease and desist from Steven Bengart, partner of Bengart & DeMarco; LLP, out of New York. Before I tell you my thoughts about these legal threats, I’ll share what Julicher posted on “Hung by the Thin Blue Line” today:

Upon opening this (letter posted below), I was bombarded by a myriad of emotions. My first reaction was outright giggling. Next was rage. Followed by contempt, scorn, insult, anger, bewilderment, and finally, peace. You see, fortunately for me, I own the truth! Each and every single word that I have written herein is the absolute truth. I sleep soundly and look myself in the mirror upon waking, knowing that I’m an honest and righteous man. When I started this blog, I knew the kind of personalities that I was writing about; bullies, plain and simple. They could dish it out, but DEFINITELY could not take it. Therefore, I KNEW the possibility of having some type of legal action against me existed; you don’t think that I’ve been careful and smart enough to scrutinize every word that I have written? With that said, there are absolutely NO circumstances that will ever prompt me to take this blog down or stop posting, until the totality of the story is displayed.


The audacity of those involved is beyond compare. So, let me get this straight; the very coward CENTRAL to the decimation of my life and lifestyle wants to attempt to intimidate me once again? I’m sorry, but you no longer hold sway over me. At one point, his position did give him influence over my employment, and he abused that in a personal vendetta. Does this idiot think that I’m afraid of something? Anything? Apparently, I was born with a genetic defect; fear doesn’t happen to register with me. (That is NOT a braggadocios statement, but rather one that is somewhat “confessional”. I say that with contrition rather than pride; having no fear has cost me more than it’s helped me.)



What currently does affect me is liberty. Ironically enough, the very idiot who is taking this action against me is the one who put the events in play to grant me that liberty. You see, I have nothing to lose; literally. In 2004, when this confrontation began, I was a whole person. I had a growing family, money in the bank, a healthy investment portfolio, and a bright future. As I write this, and as I have referenced before, I am a broken and broke man. Despite my best efforts, despite going back to school to get my master’s degree, despite having a beautiful, well-paying job, I can’t seem to manage the damage of the past. The home that I bought for my new bride and I, the home that we brought our newborn children in to, had to be sold in 2009, because we ran out of money. Not because we were successfully moving up, or made a conscious choice in the matter, but because these cowards bullied my family and forced me to abandon my dreams. I was forced to move back into my rental apartment, which I converted into a single family home, just to make it livable. I liquidated every investment that I had made since I was 22 years old. I sold my truck to cover a debt. I bought and sold cars and motorcycles to make a buck. During one stint, the sole and exclusive source of income to pay mortgages and all household bills was playing poker full time. At other times, my family lived off of student loans obtained while I was going to school during these proceedings. They created circumstances where my wife had to abandon our sole source of income, her employment, because the zealous attack had borne a “Material Witness Warrant” for her, when she wouldn’t participate in their charade. All told, and I can put it all on paper for anyone who would question the numbers, the misdeeds of those involved have cost me a MINIMUM of $400,000! ($225,000 in my lost wages, $30,000 of my wife’s, $75,000 in legal bills, $20,000 to cover health insurance that was taken away illegally, just for starters, along with the $5,000/year impingement on my retirement benefits for the rest of my life). Not to mention, the abandonment of any possibility of remuneration, since I had to forfeit my lawsuit in order to reclaim my position and earn my pension. I currently own two thirteen year old vehicles that I keep together with duct tape and bubble gum, and live in a rented house. So, please, somebody tell me what I have to lose here? My wife and I go to work every single day of our lives and basically light our paychecks on fire, servicing debt that was created out of malice, corruption, self-preservation, and immorality. In perpetuity, we will remain in debt for the remainder of my natural life. So, like I have stated before, nothing but liberty!


This letter claims that I have made “libelist” (sic) statements here. Apparently, this attorney needs to revisit the definition of that word. His client has suffered physical and emotional distress? The ONLY person responsible for his distress is himself! Had he not stuck a gun in some kid’s mouth, maybe his conscience wouldn’t be bothering him so badly. They’re going to take legal action against me for damages? Hah, that’s rich! This prick RUINED MY LIFE, I’m penniless, yet HE’S going to file suit against me? Come get some; you can’t get blood from a stone! Counselor, you need to screen your clientele better. You are choosing to represent an amoral, vicious, zealot, coward, who has plenty of other marks against his character other than just those written here. Not to mention that you are up against the most formidable opponent that you have ever chosen to take on; I NEVER quit. If I were you, I’d drop this charade, because the waters are going to get way too deep from here; you’re not prepared for that.


I am a private citizen, with a constitutional right to free speech, and I choose to exercise it here. I will defend that right at any intersection with those who intend to deny it.



ENOUGH!-I’m of the mindset that Julicher posted this material and I merely shared it at a website that focuses on spreading the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” and much more. To my knowledge no one associated with (the website) has been engaged by legal council over this matter.

I personally would side with Julicher on this one, he’s free to say what he wants, so long as he stands by those words. These are also Julicher’s personal recollections of events that, in fact, happened. Unless it can be proven that he’s actually lying about the details he included in those recollections, that those lies have caused actual harm, and were made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statements, plus that those statements were made with the actual intent to do harm or with a reckless disregard for the truth (malice), they are not legally considered libelous. (A “libelist” is actually a person making libelous statements.)

If the accused would like to come forward, even at this site, and share their own memory of those events, they are more than welcome to do so. I was hoping that Telly Heath would have come forward by now, it would be very interesting to hear his thoughts on the matter.

Get caught up on Joseph Julicer’s posts at by clicking on the Blog Post Title below.






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Fresno, California Police Chief, Keith Foster, Arrested for Selling Drugs

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On Thursday federal agents from the FBI and ATF arrested Fresno, California police chief, Keith Foster, after a year long investigation. The investigation revealed that Foster and several accomplices had been distributing oxycodone, heroin and marijuana. Foster and three others have been arrested for distribution and possession of these substances and more arrests appear likely in the case.

Deputy Chief Keith Foster

Deputy Chief Keith Foster

Deputy Chief Foster, 51, has been in his current position for eight years. There are three other deputy chiefs in the Fresno PD. Foster’s duties were to oversee patrol and each of the cities four policing districts. For the time being he is on paid leave, but has been stripped of his department issued gun and peace officer powers. Foster and his accomplices will see a judge on Friday to determine if they can be released on bail.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer was also friends with Foster and his family. In a public statement he told the media that, “This is a very sad day for the Fresno Police Department, the citizens of Fresno, and the law enforcement profession.” He also stressed that the charged were innocent until proven guilty.

FPD Chief Jerry Dyer

FPD Chief Jerry Dyer

“The message I want to send to everyone, when we place this badge on our chest, it’s a badge of honor. There’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with it. It is important that we do everything we can to maintain and enhance the trust our citizens have in us. When things of this nature happen it doesn’t erode that trust.”

Federal agents had been wiretapping Foster and his accomplices for several months and uncovered lots of evidence that drugs were being distributed, even though they often attempted to relay the details of these transactions in thinly veiled codes that were easy enough to decipher.

Foster and his family are well known in both the Fresno community and police department. His father served for many years and a subsection is named after him. These charges have rocked the entire community and will likely continue to do so as the involvement of others is revealed over the course of the next several days and months. The prohibition of drugs in our country continues to ruin lives all the way from the lowliest crackhead to those who vow to uphold and fight the un-win-able War on Drugs. Too bad ya can’t get high on irony!

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How Many Times Has This Happened to You?

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You are driving home after a ballgame or some other event you spent your hard earned money on. You make all your usual turns and take your normal route home, when all of a sudden, you spot a cop on the side of the road.  You look at him, he looks at you and a feeling of paranoia washes over you like a tidal wave. You make eye contact and as you pass, you see him start to pull out behind you and you think to yourself, ” What did I do?” He follows you all the way home, and as you pull into your driveway, the cop speeds off. How many times has this happened to you?

I bet it happens to you a lot doesn’t it? Even when you don’t actually get pulled over, you still feel a lot like this poster don’t you?

10374488_10153249691988189_8066487562863582328_nThat is the predatory nature of today’s police on a daily basis. Police often initiate traffic stops on people, when no violation occurred, just to get further information on the driver, or the contents of the car. They are constantly putting themselves in harms way and then bitching that they never know what is gonna happen when they walk up to the window. To you officers, I say stop being fascistic cowards hiding behind your perceived authority and your chances of having a problem during your shift goes down exponentially! Stop inserting yourselves into situations you have no business in and bad things wont happen to you as often. It’s pretty simple, actually. Let people be free from your tyrannical reign and you will yourself become free!

Tell your superiors that you will no longer fill ticket quotas, and hand out tickets, just to hand out tickets. Tell them that if you don’t see someone do something wrong, you are not willing to make some shit up just to show you’re doing something!

If you are tired of going through this type of thing, stop living in fear of these people and donate to the CopBlock Network. Get involved in your community today! Let the cops know these are our streets they are patrolling! Let them know that you are watching them! Let them know the thin blue line, reign of terror is OVER!!

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Hummelstown (PA) police officer, Lisa Mearkle has been charged with criminal homicide after fatally shooting David Kassick while on duty February 2nd, 2015. See video below.

Officer Mearkle stopped Kassick for an expired state safety inspection sticker when he fled the scene. Mearkle eventually caught up to him and tazed him repeatedly, she then decided to shoot him in the back because he refused (or was unable) to show his hands. According to

The district attorney said Kassick did not have a gun and never brandished anything that could have been viewed as a potential weapon. He said the only item recovered near Kassick was a syringe.

According to the criminal complaint filed by state police, Kassick was not physically aggressive, had no contact with Mearkle, and was not facing her when she fired the first shot. Mearkle again ordered Kassick to show his hands and was still using the stun gun when she fired the second shot, again while Kassick was facing the ground.

“She did not know what this person had under his belly and he kept going to it time and time again,” her attorney, Brian Perry, said. “She felt that pulling that trigger was the only option she had to protect her life.”Mearkle told investigators she fired because she believed Kassick was reaching for a gun in his jacket pocket and because he ignored her orders to show his hands. She acknowledged that she did not see him display anything that could have been considered a weapon, the complaint states.


James Ashby

For those of you that are delighted that this officer is about to go down. Please, don’t hold your breath just yet. This is not the first time a police officer has been charged with some variation of murder. Rocky Ford Police officer, James Ashby, was arrested for fatally shooting Jack Jacquez in front of the victim’s mother in their own home – just last month. Albuquerque prosecutors also brought charges against SWAT team member Dominique Perez and former Detective Keith Sandy for their roles in the shooting death of James Boyd, a 38-year-old homeless man with a history of mental illness who was camping in the city’s Sandia Foothills last March. Those cases haven’t gone through the legal system entirely but I wouldn’t expect much, considering the same “justice” system let Kelly Thomas’s killers walk free.

Sure, it’s nice to see some sort of accountability but I can’t help but think that these officers were just too stupid to drop a gun or give the internal investigation team an easy (though often lame) out. When you storm into someone’s house and shoot them in the back, or while they are face down, then you’re going to need a better story than, “he didn’t put his hands where I could see them.” These goons never got that memo but I’m not convinced that their badge, especially since Mearkle is a 14 year vet, isn’t going to get them some sort of special treatment.

If justice can’t be served to these families then I hope a message is being sent to active LEO’s that there are times you will be prosecuted just like the rest of us. So be careful coppers, don’t draw that weapon too soon and make sure you’re thinking logically… or you might find yourself in a bad place for former cops; prison. Or you could always quit and provide the service of protection via your own business, instead of the government’s way.

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Arizona Government Leaders Want to Withhold the Names of Police Who Kill

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Do you know about SB 1445? The mainstream media isn’t talking about it – all that much – but it’s something you may want to know about. SB 1445 is a bill that would prevent the names of officers involved in shootings (or any investigation really) from being released to the public. According to the Phoenix New Times:

SB 1445 passed in the House Wednesday afternoon. The vote was 44 to 13, with three members not voting. (View the full voting breakdown here) It will now advance to Governor Doug Ducey’s office.

Original story follows:

Community leaders and members of the ACLU gathered on the capitol lawn this morning to speak out against SB 1445, a controversial bill that “limits the release of the name of a peace officer who is involved in a use of deadly physical force incident for 60 days.”

It’s scheduled to be read for the third time this afternoon in the House, where it’s expected to pass and move on to the Governor’s office.

Community member Channel Powe said the bill is “a black eye on Arizona.” She urged lawmakers to vote against this “immoral and unconstitutional” measure that “limits transparency and promotes discrimination.”


The article details officers who claim SB 1445 is more of a “cooling” off period for people to “get all the facts” and to avoid a “whimsical mob” from “roaming the streets looking for blood.” Really? When was the last time an officer was dragged out of his home for something he did in the course of duty? Has there ever been a time an officer has faced a public mob? Furthermore, if anyone promotes a mob mentality it’s most certainly the police. There are countless examples of police officers swarming onto a scene and immediately using force without any idea as to why.

Clicking banner takes you to Where you'll find a vast variety of CopBlocking tips, tactics, fellow CopBlock Groups and more.

Clicking banner takes you to Where you’ll find a vast variety of CopBlocking tips, tactics, fellow CopBlock Groups and more.

So why are the officers so concerned about something that’s never, or very, very rarely happens? Are they starting to realize that people might be losing faith in their service? Do they envision more aggressive police actions that might lead to people taking their own actions? What is the need for a bill like this if there are rarely any threats to officers? Officers kill thousands of people each year and have no problems releasing anyone else’s name. So why the fuss when it’s one of their own?

I guess when you have a job that requires you to do things you wouldn’t normally do, without a badge, uniform and gun, then you might want a little protection – or guarantee – that you won’t be sold down the river for doing such things. SB 1445 seems more about keeping the moral high within the LEO community than any actual concern for the safety of the police officer.

What are your thoughts? How soon should a killer cops name be released to the public? If you’d like to write up an overview of your thoughts on this matter, we’d like to hear it, visit our Submission Tab to get started.



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Ohio Bar Raided by Police W/O Warrant on St. Patrick’s Day – Exclusive From Lima-Allen County CopBlock

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Note: As can be seen in the embedded post from Facebook, this is an exclusive report from those involved with Lima-Allen County Cop Block. It details a warrantless (and unjustified) raid that was carried against the Main Street Irish Pub, a local bar in Lima, OH, which took place on St. Patrick’s Day. It also discusses some other cases of harassment that has been directed at the owner, Brooke Jones, and some of her family and freinds, as well as patrons of the bar.


On March 17th 2015, the Main Street Irish Pub was enjoying a packed crowd and festivities for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Brooke Jones, the owner and operator, had left the bar early but was later called back around 3:45 AM Tuesday morning by one of her employees. The bar had closed for the evening and concluded it’s sales of alcohol to all patrons. However, after closing, a little more than a dozen people, not including employees, remained inside the bar with permission to socially interact with friends. Most of whom were family members and close friends of Brooke Jones.

Upon Brooke arriving at her establishment, she was greeted by a 3rd shift gang of thugs known as the Lima Police Department. Apparently, they were called to the establishment for loud music after hours, but would not disclose the source of the complaint and there are no residential properties in this area. It is commercially zoned with the Allen County Jail and Court House directly across the street from the pub.

Lima Police Officers Zachary Leland, Matt Boss, Nick Hart and other unnamed officers pushed their way through a back kitchen door as a patron was leaving. They did not have permission to enter the bar, as it was closed for business, had not yet obtained a warrant to enter the premises, and were unwelcome.

As officers entered the bar, they began to immediately intimidate and use coercive tactics against the non-drinking patrons who were present at the pub. Officers demanded everyone to lay down on the floor as they pulled taser guns and service weapons attempting a non-warranted pre-dawn search of the establishment. Patron “Desmond Kirkman” was kicked in the back and shoved to the ground for not moving fast enough for police. Brooke Jones’ cousin who is only 18 years old was sleeping in the pub office, after a long day of cooking. Police barged in, shining lights in her face and ultimately arresting her and over a dozen other patrons for public intoxication. All of whom were inside the bar and not on public property. Almost every person in the bar requested a breathalyzer test to maintain their innocence, but were denied by police, issued citations, and taken to jail on suspicion alone.

Officer Zachary Leland, who would ultimately request a proper warrant signed by a judge, produced an unknown object in his hand after exiting the pub bathroom. He claimed he had found drugs and held something up but never showed the pub employee or any other patrons what he had found. The officers remained at the bar until a warrant to search could be issued.

Brooke Jones eventually gave permission to search, but the police still obtained a warrant and found no evidence of ANY illegal activity going on in this bar. After LPD were unsuccessful in their attempts, the Allen County Health Department was called in by police as an additional “further attack” against Brooke Jones and her establishment. Of course, the “health police” are always going to find a reason to shut you down. They cited Jones for: store bought mouse traps…..a fridge that did not work that was actually being used to store can goods, and unmarked containers in another, working fridge. Brooke has since re-opened for business after compliance with these petty infractions.

Lima-Allen County Cop Block logoBrooke Jones has become a target by police for unexplained reasons that all of us are trying to determine. She is a mother, a law abiding citizen, and a recent employee of Proctor & Gamble for 17 years. Brooke wanted a “life change” and decided to enter the bar business using her 401K funds to start up an honest and lucrative business for herself and her family. Brooke’s 16 year old daughter has been pulled over at least 10 times by the Lima Police since December 2014 and never issued a SINGLE citation. The police are clearly targeting Brooke and her family as her daughter drives Brooke’s car that is registered in her name. Her daughter has stated that she is petrified by officers who continue to harass her by following her to her high school and Brooke is extremely concerned for the safety of her children, as one Lima officer has already pulled a gun out during a traffic stop that her daughter was involved in.

Brooke also questioned Lima Police Chief Kevin Martin as to the events surrounding the warrantless entry of her establishment. Chief Martin stated that Brooke operates a “public liquor serving establishment and officers have a right to enter, anytime they want”. Hmmm. Even after hours when the doors are locked? Does this sound right to you? Either way, if Brooke or any of her other staff had violated the law or were in non-compliance of an ordinance or code, I would imagine this is more of a “constructive day job” for the ATF and not an illegal after hours raid by an “OPIE run police department” that just want to generate revenue and rob the citizens of this community.

As I continue with this story, the huge matrix behind all this goes even deeper. The police NOT ONLY lied to get a warrant to raid this pub, but they also confiscated almost $4000 dollars from several patrons and an in-house employee who was scheduled to deliver those funds to the owner, being Brooke. Only one patron was re-issued her cash, as police stated they were confiscating everyone’s money to cross-reference it with drug use! Am I dreaming here or is this reality?

I have seen and heard a lot in my lifetime, but nothing quite like this. Questions need to be answered by city council and the officials of this community. The continued harassment of Brooke Jones and her family, the completely insane cash forfeiture made by police, and every single solitary law that was broken in order to obtain this warrant should be investigated. ALL arrest of peaceful citizens without evidence of wrongdoing should be thrown out in court and lawsuits should commence against these officers who have violated the civil rights of these people!!! I am ashamed to be a member of this shitty community and to know that this is what OUR law enforcement officers have resorted to by using their badge and gun to operate under the color of authority and color of law.

Ohio Bar Raided by Police W/O Warrant on St. Patrick’s Day – Exclusive From Lima-Allen County CopBlock is a post from Cop Block – Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

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Stunt-Motorcyclist Taunts California Highway Patrol During High Speed Chase

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Officers with the California Highway Patrol got a show Wednesday night when daredevil  Phillip Resendez, 22, taunted the officers by performing stunts at speeds over 100 mph during an hour-long pursuit in Southern California.

Footage filmed from the air by local reporters shows Resendez standing on his bike’s seat, arm raised in triumph like Judd Nelson at the end of the Breakfast Club.

Moments later, Resendez turns back motioning at the cops to egg them on. Later, he appears to slow down and chat with two motorcycle cops riding next to him.

At one point he even stops momentarily in a residential area, adjusts his ear buds, and continues to flee officers in pursuit.

Resendez, resident of Rancho Cucamunga, was eventually arrested and booked for driving on the wrong side of the road and failure to yield after he pulled over and surrendered.


22-year-old Phillip Resendez after being arrested

After being taken in custody Resendez asks local reporters, “Did [police] seriously have to kick me off my bike?”

He narrowly missed colliding with numerous vehicles but no one was hurt.

Resendez apologizes to reporters for the chase but seated in the back of a patrol car wearing a shirt with a marijuana leaf on it, he can be seen smiling ear to ear.

Watch the raw footage:

 Local news coverage:


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