Stockton police are bankrupt, but paying officers to report Facebook posts

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The content was submitted anonymously by someone who recognizes the value in transparency.

Individual: Chief Eric Jones
Outfit: Stockton Police Department
Phone: (209)937-8218

Stockton Police claim that due to bankruptcy in Stockton Ca. they lack the funds needed to respond to an array of complaints, and that certain crimes must be reported by victims, via a police reporting kiosk in the departments lobby.

Some of these crimes include 459 residential burglaries, 10851 Auto thefts, and 211 armed robberies.

We find it a JOKE that they claim the funds and man power are not available to them to respond to serious crimes such as these, yet they are paying at least one, if not a whole team, of officers to monitor a Facebook page dedicated to keeping their unprofessional actions in the limelight.

The Facebook page is the Stockton Police Department, Corruption Reporting Page.


Admins of this page have recently had a bombardment of Facebook notifications come in, and have had the page forcefully “unpublished” for “violating community standards”. The only time the page gets these notifications is when photos of Chief Eric Jones, or councilman Elbert Holman are posted with captions or dialogue beneath that either point out lies, or failures among the department or city leaders.

Stockton police officers make and average of $60,000 dollars a year. How much of that tax money is being used to keep these truths and opinions from the same people forced to pay for their “service”?

Please call Chief Eric Jones and ask him to justify these actions. Ask Chief Jones why his department cannot afford to protect and serve the citizens, but they can afford to monitor a Facebook page dedicated to exposing corruption within their department. Don’t allow tax payer to pay one more dime for censorship.

Call: Chief Eric Jones at Office of the Chief of Police (209) 937-8218

Please also call: Public Information Officer, Joseph Silva (209) 937-8209

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Stockton police are bankrupt, but paying officers to report Facebook posts is a post from Cop Block – Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

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Cop Caged for Forcing Sex on Inmates

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This information was shared by a person who recognized the value in transparency.

Date of Incident: 10/2013
Individual Responsible: Jerry Peek
Outfit: Lyon County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: 775-463-6600

Jerry Peek, a former Lyon County (NV) Sheriff’s Office employee, is now caged. After rumors that he was sleeping with those caged at the Lyon County jail surfaced, Peek was placed on paid vacation (aka Administrative Leave), and months later, fired when the claims were substantiated.

A related write-up from noted that:

The Nevada Division of Investigations found evidence of several crimes, filed these charges with the Nevada Attorney General and obtained a warrant for the arrest of Peek, who was taken into custody October 14, 2014. He is charged with six Felony charges and three Gross Misdemeanors with a total bail of $750,000.

The charges are: Coercion, Asking or Receiving Bribe by Public Officer, Voluntary Sex between Prisoner and Another, Preventing/Dissuading Victim from Reporting Crime, Misconduct of Public Officer, Open or Gross Lewdness, Indecent Exposure, and Inhumanity to a Prisoner.

Peek’s former colleagues at the Lyons County Sheriff’s Outfit attempted to mitigate the severity of the situation, by claiming that “these types of crimes occur across the country” before trying to shore-up the perceived legitimacy upon which they depend for the perpetuation of their coercion-backed institution, “We are a transparent agency and we want to ensure you that we will continue to be a transparent agency”


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Cop Caged for Forcing Sex on Inmates is a post from Cop Block – Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

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Police are acting like an occupying army in northeast Pennsylvania. It isn’t working

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The content below was written by Scott McPherson and originally posted to

Eric Frein Slips Through Police Fingers: Police are acting like an occupying army in northeast Pennsylvania. It isn’t working

by Scott McPherson

According to Pennsylvania State Police, six weeks ago Eric Frein ambushed two state troopers outside a Pike County police barracks, killing one officer and severely wounding another. Frein is then said to have fled into the surrounding woods, putting to use his self-taught “survivalist” training to escape capture.

State Police responded immediately, massing hundreds of officers into a 5-square mile radius, employing armored vehicles, night vision equipment, and even local hunters in an attempt to capture the alleged gunman, believed to be hiding in the dense woodlands of the Poconos Mountains.

No expense has been spared in this search. The manhunt has become so expensive – now running into the “millions of dollars” – that lawmakers in the state are becoming a little uneasy.

Nor have area residents been spared. Those at home when the manhunt began were put on “lock down,” while others have been blocked from returning to their homes. Many have expressed understandable frustration over the way they’ve been treated.

“They walk through the house, they walk through the property, checked out the basement,” said Kent Van Horn.

Schools have been closed, police officers line the roads and man numerous roadblocks, and generally act as an occupying army in the area. Even Halloween events have been put on hold.

“We will find you,” was the message from Lt. Col. George Bivens, on September 26.

But six weeks into the search, police still don’t have their man.


Pic via

A report on the case Saturday from Fox News has revealed an interesting new development. A woman claims to have spotted Frein “with his face caked in mud and carrying a rifle” near his old high school in the town of Swiftwater. Police say it is a credible sighting. “Based on the sighting, Bivens said it appears Frein has moved about six miles south. He said the search area is being expanded…”

Which means that despite all police efforts, Frein slipped through their cordon.

The search for Eric Frein – and the behavior of law enforcement officials – is reminiscent of events in Boston last year, when two homemade bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring over 260 others. After that incident, the entire city was put under virtual martial law, with thousands of police officers and numerous armored vehicles roaming the streets in a massive search for the suspects, pointing assault weapons at city residents, ordering them into their homes, closing businesses, and shutting down the public transportation system.

Only after the lock down was rescinded – and police left the area — was suspected bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spotted by a private citizen, who immediately alerted authorities to his whereabouts.

There may be a lesson in this for Pennsylvania authorities. Massing a small army to search for one man, even a dangerous criminal, may not be as effective a measure as backing off and letting the public’s eyes and ears do your work for you.

While acting like thugs and treating the local population like pawns, to be ordered about and cower in compliance, must be somewhat gratifying to people who make their living lording it over others, and who are no doubt frustrated and afraid that a member of the civilian population has targeted them for attack, it doesn’t appear to be the most efficacious approach.

This would certainly never be the reaction to the murder of a mere mundane, which happens far, far more often in this country than attacks on police.

The vast majority of crimes are solved not by the police response, but by tips from the public.

Millions of dollars, hundreds of officers, roadblocks, lock downs, and police-state tactics turned up nothing for six weeks. Eric Frein has made a mockery of law enforcement efforts to apprehend him. But just as in Boston, one alert citizen changed the game.

Maybe the police should stop behaving like soldiers in a war zone. People are growing increasingly tired of that.



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Police are acting like an occupying army in northeast Pennsylvania. It isn’t working is a post from Cop Block – Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

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Winchester, NH Police Do Not Serve Community

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Micah Purinton shared the information below.

Date of Interaction: Oct 15
Outfit: Winchester Police Department (NH)
Phone: 603-239-4814

A Winchester, NH police employee told me that I owed $600. They told me if I didn’t pay it they would be back with bracelets. I do not feel it is my responsibility to pay anything until told to do so by a judge or the courts prove it is my responsibility.

The officer showed up while I was not home and told my wife if I did not have the money by 3pm that Friday he was coming back with bracelets and that the warrant was all but signed by the justice of the peace. So, I came home and spoke with my wife and explained the law and printed it out. She took the law print out and went down to the police department and when she asked why they think they can show up without a warrant and threaten to arrest me in front of my children.

Long story short, I waited all day for Winchester’s finest to show but they never did. I left for work on Sunday and my wife called me and said she noticed the police have been going by a lot more then normal. I told her to take a walk and see if they approach her again so she went to Rite Aide with my daughter and her friend. On the way back her friend notices the same officer, who pulled up to them. He stops her and claims that in her hand is a beer when it’s clearly a Pepsi. Then he questions my wife – asking what’s in the bag in her hand. My wife pulled out the aero chamber she just picked up from the Rite Aide for my son and shows him what it is. He then asks if she had anything in her purse and she handed him the purse and says, “Would you like to look?”

The police in Winchester – aside from a few lone men – are very corrupt and are bullying me and my family very bad to the point now we want to move from New Hampshire. After being in the army for nine years I moved here to build a safe home for my family thinking it would be a nice change coming from Massachusetts.

It was a quiet and country setting which we liked, but now it has come to the point where we don’t even want to leave the house anymore because as soon as we are seen we are followed watched and threatened and questioned.

They picked up my nine-year-old daughter for walking down the street and they questioned her about what me and her mother do for a living, who lives at my home, and asking who drives this car and that car… This is out of control they had no right to talk to her or approach her.

They bullied another man so bad he hung himself. It is out of control – they state they don’t need a reason to pull you over anymore or to arrest you. Please guys you need to approach this matter before another person gets pushed too far. The people of Winchester are scared of their own public safety. Guys, let’s raise up and fight back!


film the police

Protect yourself and your community – film the police.

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Some of the topics discussed on this weeks show:

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Nashua Thug Cops, Outside Jurisdiction, Try to Intimidate

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Ralph Holder shared the content below.

Date of Interaction: 13 SEPT 13
Individuals Involved: Charles McGregor, Patrick Hannon, Chief James Seusing, Dep Chief Bukhunt, Capt Andrew Lavoie and Newton Chief Lawrence Streeter
Outfit: Nashua Police Department (NH)
Phone:  (603) 594-3500

I recently filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against the Nashua PD plain clothes detectives Charles McGregor and Patrick Hannon who, with the approval of Chief Seusing, Deputy Chief Bukhunt and Captain Lavoie. showed up at my house in Newton, NH (35 miles outside of their authority and jurisdiction) for the sole purposes of harassing, threatening and intimidation because I exercised my First Amendment Right and profanely criticized Chief Justice Linda Dalianis for her role on refusing to hear an unconstitutional race based court decision denying my son’s right to attend public school in the State of New Hampshire because of his “race and skin color”. Also named in the suit are Donald Goodnow, Jason Jordanhazy, Seusing, Lavoie, Bukhunt and Newton Chief of Police Lawrence Streeter who refused my complaint of the officers criminal trespass onto my property for no legitimate law enforcement purposes. They came to warn me for calling Dalianis a lying fucking racist bitch for denying her role in the Unlawful Court Ordered Racial Segregation in Education.

In 2003, Brock, Broderick, Dalianis, Duggan and Nadeau unanimously refused to hear my appeal that used my son’s “race and skin color” to change his principal place and State of residence for “school purposes” then refused to publish an opinion why they tolerated and perpetuated the Institutional Racism. Judges Edwin Kelly, Robert Lynn, Tina Nadeau and Administrator Regina Apicelli helped whitewash the manifest bias.

See a problem? I criticize a racist judicial official for what she did and she, Jordanhazy and Goodnow sent the Nashua PD thugs after me. Never mind the fact the State previously falsely arrested me and maliciously tried to prosecute me in 2007 as retaliation for saying something they didn’t like that was ruled was not criminal. I was acquitted and had the record annulled. I spent part of my adult life in the military and nearly all of my life in the law enforcement career field protecting the rights of others. I earned my Undergraduate and Master’s in Criminal Justice with high academic honors. The very first two cases I studied as part of my constitutional law course was Brown v. Board of Ed and Palmore v. Sidoti. The government cannot use a suspect racial classification without showing a compelling government interest and any use of such classifications requires the decision be reviewed under “Strict Judicial Scrutiny”. No one has ever been held accountable for the manifest bias though Part I, Articles 2 and 8 of the State Constitution was intentionally violated thanks to corrupt judiciary, the Judicial Conduct Committee and Attorney Discipline office.

Take a good look at the case of Tipton v. Aaron. It was heard the same year (2004) the Justices refused to hear my appeal. Only one reason can account for the significant differences in the two rulings.. DALIANIS and the OTHERS support Institutional Racism. She may finally be forced to explain herself to the public. God knows I tried repeatedly only to face persistent corruption and cover-up even at the federal court level. The Bigot in a Black Robe even down played the manifest bias at her confirmation hearing with the Governor’s Executive Council. It was unambiguous case of racial discrimination engaged in by the NH Judicial Branch but apparently the two detectives neglected to do their due diligence by investigating the underlying facts before they decided to show up at my house in a show of force..

What’s become of this society where the police can’t even trust senior court officials to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nashua Police Detectives are supposed to be investigating felony level crimes not acting as THUGS for the NH Supreme Court Chief Justice, her Administrative Director Goodnow and Security Manager Jordanhazy. The State promotes the myth of a color-blind legal society, yet there were two complaints of racial bias in 2004. In the sixty years since Title IV of the Civil Rights Act was first enacted to eradicate racial discrimination and the ruling of Brown v. Board of Ed, young Black children still have to tolerate unlawful court ordered racial segregation in education imposed by the NH Judicial Branch .




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ATF Tried To Strong Arm Entry Into Gathering Of The Juggalos But Got Denied

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Date of Incident: July 2014
Outfit: ATF

This year the 15th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos took place from July 23rd-26th, 2014 at Legend Valley Campground in Ohio. Police were inside the grounds this year, which is a drastic change from the last several Gatherings where no police were allowed inside due to the grounds being private property. The police within the grounds made no attempt to stop any of the partying that was going on within the grounds and had been even quoted as saying “really, who cares if they have a little marijuana?” Those officers never left their golf carts during the entire event.

The ATF, however, tried to strong arm their way in. They called Robert Bruce (a.k.a. Jumpsteady), who was the organizer of the event, and told him that they were on the grounds and wanted to know where they could set up camp. He told then to wait a minute. Then, he quickly called the owner of the campground (Steve), the camera crew who were filming a documentary at The Gathering that year, and the Juggalo’s own personal lawyer, Farris. They got together quickly and came to the conclusion that the ATF was not allowed to be on their property because Steve had not given them permission, yet they had already stormed onto the grounds demanding to be let in.

Bruce, Farris, the camera crew and several others then went out to meet the ATF where they were sitting. When they got there, they discovered a small crew of ATF officers standing there, as well as about eight more officers sitting on already running Razor 4-wheelers and four more officers who were clearly in charge sitting at a picnic table. When the officers saw a group of about 20 people coming towards them, waving cameras, boom sticks, and the like, their mouths dropped open in shock.

Bruce pointed over to the table to indicate who was in charge of the operation and Farris began to tell them they were already breaking the law by being inside the grounds. The minute they heard that, all four officers at the table jumped up and started running for their cars and the exits, leaving all of the other officers sitting there looking confused, while trying to avoid the cameras as much as possible.

Bruce, Farris and the camera crew then turned their attention to the rest of the officers who just sat there, dumbfounded, waiting for orders. As they got close to the officers on the Razors, the officers got their orders and peeled off as fast as they could. One of the officers even flipped the bird to Bruce and company and it was all captured on camera, and will be released when the documentary for The Gathering is completed.

I find it rather convenient that the only festival that the ATF tries to invade is The Gathering of The Juggalos. They don’t do that at any other festivals. I wonder if this would’ve happened had the F.B.I. done what they’re supposed to be doing instead wasting their time labeling people as gang members for the music they listen to.


From Jumpsteady’s Journal, dated October 11, 2014:

Another highlight for me was when I got a phone call from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms wanting to know where they could set up their command post at Legend Valley during the Gathering. I was stunned and told them to hold on a minute and I would be right there to talk to them. I then quickly got Steve (the owner of Legend Valley) on the phone and asked him if he knew why these fuckin’ guys were trying to set up a command post! I then called Farris, our very own Juggalo Lawyer, and he told me he would be right there and then I got Brenna and Tom on the phone who were –and are — currently filming a documentary about ICP, the FBI lawsuits and our Juggalo family and they showed up with a camera crew of about 10 ninjas. We all gathered in the backstage area without the AFT’s knowledge and discussed what we could do. We surmised that since they are a federal law enforcement organization that they were there simply to give Juggalos the bone and probably came out because of all the press the Gathering had been getting. Farris let us know that the ATF was not allowed on the property without Steve’s permission and since they showed up in force and were already on the property were basically in the wrong. I guess they figured they would just flash some badges, punk some people out and basically strong arm their way onto the property.

When we came around the corner I was mad heated to see a small contingent of AFT officers, including around 8 ATF officers each sitting in a running Razor four-wheeler vehicle ready to swoop into the Gathering grounds to start handing out tickets for possible underage drinking, open containers at campsites or any other charges they could drum up. They all had on mirrored sunglasses and seemed to possess evil dispositions. They looked up in shock at us as we came marching around the corner with our own squad of about 20 deep with cameras rolling, boom sticks waving and spot lights being targeted on them. I quickly pointed to a group of older guys sitting at a picnic table looking up at us with dumbfounded expression who obviously were the head guys of the ATF.

As we started closing in on the main ATF officers, Farris started to talk to them when suddenly the realization of what was happening finally registered to their brains as their slack jawed expressions slowly transformed to those of fear, when suddenly ….they ran! I was shocked and so fuckin’ amused to see these high ranking federal law enforcement agents running and ducking from the cameras as they scurried between parked cars like rats to avoid being filmed in an attempt to get away as quickly as they possibly could. All the while the camera crew was chasing after them. As this comical scene unfolded all the officers still sitting in there running Razor’s didn’t seem to know what to do so they just sat looking around in confusion. Just as we turned our attention toward them and was about to ask them questions they got the order over their radios from their out of breath superiors to “Pull Out”!

They then all started peeling out down the dirt road leading to the back entrance of Legend Valley as they made their escape, kicking up clouds of dust from there spinning wheels as they went. As if things couldn’t get any better, the last officer to head out flipped us off as he went and we were able to capture the whole thing on film! The whole incident had me experience the extreme ranges of emotion in the matter of minutes. At first I was enraged that these guys were trying to bum rush the Gathering but with some quick thinking we were able to turn the tables on them into an unforgettable and hilarious outcome.

After all this, the main guy of the ATF had the nerve to call me again saying he wanted to talk to me alone. I was like helllllls no! I told him that if he comes back, that he will have to not only talk to me but also Farris, the camera crew with cameras rolling and our entire squad. Needless to say they never came back. It was an unsung victory that weekend and one of my best moments at the Gathering for sure. It simply amazes me how bastards will try to come out of the woodworks to try to oppress our family for no reason at all, but it has also occurred to me a long time ago, that if you remain unified with your homies, you can take a stand against anyone who would try to oppress you as we had done on that day. It was just another small battle we were able to win in our ongoing war against the FBI and federal agents everywhere.

Mad respect for Brenna, Tom, Farris, Steve and everyone else who took a stand on that day and Juggalos everywhere who continue to do their part to help our family in our fight by sharing their stories and not being afraid to raise their voices and be seen! We as a family will never bow down … best believe that.

ATF Tried To Strong Arm Entry Into Gathering Of The Juggalos But Got Denied is a post from Cop Block – Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

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