Ford Capitalizes on Police State

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When a product used by the few to oppress the many is openly marketed it speaks to the level of control the few believe they have in the conversation. In this case – vehicles made by Ford only for use by police employees.

Currently a parasitic group of people claim the right to steal from another group of people who did nothing wrong, under the guise of “justice.” That same band of thieves also claims the ability to assign special rights to their friends, who associate under a fictitious entity called a corporation.

That perverse relationship – between those who rely on what Albert J. Nock called the political means and those who curry favor – are the rotten ingredients in the supply of what, only in an Orwellian world, can be deemed “protection.”

How do you feel when traveling and you see in your rearview mirror a road pirate? Thankful? Or apprehensive?

How do you refer to someone who shakes you down, despite the fact that your actions harmed no one else? Is that person an “authority”? What have they done to earn your authority? Might it be more accurate to use plain language – (i.e. a thief, or an aggressor) to describe such a person?

Consider the question posed in a Storm Clouds Gathering video: How would folks in Times Square react were Napolean Bonaparte to show up today and order them around? Clearly, no one is obligated to obey Bonaparte, just as none of us are obligated to obey any self-proclaimed ruler today. Fancy titles are just that – pomp.

It’s the ideas – the divisiveness and fear that these individuals and the statist quo draws its sustenance – that must be uprooted. If not, the paradigm that has Lenco Bearcats and MRAPs in small towns “just in case,” will become even more entrenched, and will set the stage for more institutionalized inequality.


I’ve heard people vilify IBM for involvement with another criminal outfit in the 1940s. But I’ve not heard those same people decry Ford, for pandering to the police state apparatus by creating and marketing the Police Interceptor, though admittedly some do lambast companies like Navistar, BAE, International, General Dyanmics, and Oshkosh Corp., who together, made over 27,000 MRAPs.

Do you work at one of those places? Do you know someone who does? If “just doing my job” isn’t acceptable for someone wearing a police employee costume, it seems to me that’s just as true for anyone else.

The solution is simple. Withdraw your consent from that which you find distasteful. Stop calling 911, stop pledging allegiance, stop acting as a cog in the machine and allow its own friction to take course. Become more self-sustainable. Acquire goods and services needed and wanted via consensual interactions. Trust in yourself.

We’re getting there, one mind at a time. As Henry David Thoreau put-forth in 1849:

I heartily accept the motto, ‘That government is best which governs least’; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe- ‘That government is best which governs not at all’; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.


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District Attorney Continues Vendetta Against Ademo

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In the video above I outline, and update the viewers on, the current status of my case relating to wiretapping charges out of Manchester, NH. By watching the video and/or reading the back story here, you can get up to speed with how this story has progressed. In short, I was put on trial, convicted, caged, released (time served) and later won an appeal – thanks to Brandon Ross – in my first go around with Michael Valentine and other “Hillsborough County Employees.”

When the New Hampshire Supreme court overturned  the Superior Courts conviction, they did so citing “plain error.” Meaning the District Attorney’s office – or Michael Valentine – have the option to push the case to trial… again. As I stated in the video, I’m not sure why Michael – or any DA – would want to try this case again but that seems to be the case.

The idea of going back to a cage bothers me and knowing that logic, justice and reason are lost in a courtroom, I know that jail is exactly where I’d end up if I went about this my way again. Sure, I could show people – once again – that speaking the truth and seeking logical justice can be done in a courtroom, but I’m tired of that, and it ends with me losing my (already limited) freedoms. Not to mention, I’ve already been to jail for these insane charges. The idea of going back to jail for the same ‘crime/charges’ literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Which is why I’m pleased to state that Brandon Ross has agreed to represent me Pro-Bono on the state charges. Brandon was the sole person responsible for the victory at the Supreme Court level and has invested a lot of time and energy on my case. He’s done so without asking for anything and I’m grateful for his dedication to my case.

Brandon has already filed a motion to dismiss my case and is gearing up for whatever the state can throw his way. In fact, we have a hearing on April 29th at 1:00 pm in Manchester, NH to argue the motions filed. I’m hoping this case can end quickly and suggest the following to those looking to help me achieve that.

  • Share this story with your friends, via FB, twitter and whatever else you can.
  • Consider making a donation to Brandon: He hasn’t asked for any compensation (not even gas money) and has done a great job. I’m going to donate and you can too via PP (brandon[at] or with Bitcoins ( 12ycWabnfNcRqcsoEBnL1t9nhgKy2dwn2i ). Donations are private and will be used in whatever matters Brandon decides.
  • Join me in court: I have upcoming court dates on April 29th (1:00 pm), June 24th (TBA) and July 14th (TBA). As mentioned in the video, this is Brandon’s activism/case, and I ask that folks respect his wishes in the courtroom. Unless they try to cage me, then I hope you respect mine and stop them.

Other than that, if you feel so inclined, you may call Michael Valentine and ask that he stops harassing me. Yet, I don’t believe he will.

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Injustice In Brunswick, GA

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This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: April 5, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Officer Browning, Anthony S.Badge #145
Police Employee Contact Information: 912-554-7600

Phillip has been a part of our family for the last 12 years. While we are not blood related, he is like my son. Phillip Woodberry is a visually impaired, hearing impaired African American man who was recently arrested in Brunswick, GA. Phillip had moved down to GA with his wife Mayeline and son last year from NY.The couple began to have frequent “domestic disputes.” On Friday, April 4, 2014, the couple had an argument after an incident where their son and the wife’s cousin’s child had gotten out of their apartment. Phillip had brought them back and reprimanded them, causing the argument. Later that night Phillip had a few drinks with a friend (also one of the witnesses to the incident) and became drunk. His wife and her cousin locked themselves and their children in the master bedroom of the apartment. Phillip stayed in their living room.

The following morning April 5, 2014, Phillip had plans to leave and return to NY and stay with his family for a while. According to Phillip, he demanded to see his son before he left and was refused through the bedroom door. He returned to the living room where he was preparing to leave for NY. His friend had returned that morning to help Phillip sober up before his flight. Sometime after Phillip had made his demands, the wife had called the police claiming that Phillip pulled a knife on her and was threatening violence against her, only ever referring to him as her boyfriend and giving them her maiden name when asked.

Two Caucasian male police officers arrived on the scene a while later. According to the police report and Phillip’s friend who was not listed as a witness on the report, the officers asked if they could come in and Phillip complied. They asked him where his wife was and he told them in the bedroom. Phillip then went to the living room and Officer Browning went to the bedroom. He questioned the wife and her cousin who again claimed that Phillip had pulled a knife on his wife and made threatening gestures toward her. They told the officer that his wife was visually impaired, which she was but not as badly as they claimed. The wife told the officer that her son and unborn child were his and had witnessed it. According to the report and the unmentioned witness, Officer Browning went back into the living room and told Phillip to put his hands behind his back. Phillip said he wasn’t going to because he didn’t do anything. The officers threatened to tase him if he didn’t comply. Officer Browning claimed in the report that Philip looked down and saw the red dot on his chest, However, Phillip is visually impaired and was intoxicated at this time so he couldn’t have seen the dot. Still, Phillip complied for fear of being tased. The officer told him he was being arrested for F-aggravated assault under the family violence act. The Officer’s did not read him his miranda rights according to the witness not mentioned in the report. Officer browning went back into the bedroom to take a statement from the wife and her cousin who was listed as a witness in the report. The report ends with stating that a third officer arrived on the scene to take Phillip away. What it doesn’t mention is that the officers did ask Phillip’s friend several questions and then told him to leave.

Phillip was taken to Glenn County Detention Center where he’s been for the last three weeks. He has has yet to see a public defender and was denied bail by a judge who said he didn’t know what to do with Phillip. He was moved to a different location in the detention center and we are not aware which section he is in.

Phillip is a good man who would never hurt anyone. He has a clean record prior to this incident. All we want is justice for Phillip. We’re trying to bring awareness to this situation by reaching out to people both on social media (#freephillipwoodberry) and in the media.

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Off Duty Cop Shoots Fleeing Unarmed Suspect

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Huntsville Cop Watchers shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: 4/15/14
Police Employees Involved: Unnamed Morgan County Deputy
Police Employee Contact Information: 256-351-4800

Earlier this week, an off duty Morgan County Deputy shot an unarmed fleeing suspect at a WalMart in Huntsville, Alabama. The suspect was allegedly wanted on a warrant for a probation violation. Upon seeing the suspect run, the deputy squared up and fired a shot, striking the suspect in the leg. This was confirmed by witnesses. The off duty deputy, whose name is not being released, claims his firearm accidentally discharged during the pursuit. Will this officer be held accountable for going against policy and firing on a fleeing unarmed suspect and putting citizens in way more danger than the suspect? Why are all LEO’s so anxious to fire their weapon and strike another? The following is the news report from

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – UPDATE: Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin says the man shot by one of her off-duty deputies at a Huntsville Wal-Mart Tuesday is David Horton.

The deputy’s name has not been released.

Sheriff Franklin says Horton was wanted for a no bond felony probation violation issued October 23, 2013, according to court records obtained by WHNT News 19. The warrant stems from a third degree assault charge.

Horton has been released from Huntsville Hospital and transported and booked into the Morgan County Jail, according to Sheriff Franklin.


A man was shot by an off-duty Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy at the Wal-Mart on South Parkway Tuesday afternoon.

According to Huntsville Police Lieutenant Larry Childress, the off-duty deputy thought he recognized a suspect with active warrants against him in Morgan County while shopping at the Wal-Mart.

The deputy confronted the suspect inside the Wal-Mart, causing him to run from the building, away from the deputy. A shot was fired and the suspect was hit in the lower left leg, according to police.

When Huntsville Police arrived on the scene, the deputy told police his weapon accidentally discharged, hitting the man in the leg.

A witness on the scene told WHNT and Huntsville Police Investigators that the deputy stopped outside the store, squared up on the fleeing man and fired a shot.

The suspect was transported to the hospital.

Shoppers at the Wal-Mart were scared and shaken, but no one else was injured. Huntsville police are investigating the claims of the deputy and if the shot was accidentally discharged or not.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said her command staff is en route to the scene and the investigation into the reported shooting is just beginning.

Sheriff Franklin says the Huntsville Police and The Alabama Bureau of Investigations is handling the case at the moment.

WHNT News 19 made several attempts to obtain the video surveillance from the Wal-Mart, but those requests have so far been denied because of the ongoing investigation.

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Denver Police Threaten Good Samaritan with Arrest

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April 9th, 2014
Denver Cops Threaten Good Samaritan with Arrest
by Andrea Dantzer

Dani Juras and her family would soon find out the sad truth of current law enforcement mentality. Their family dog, Harley, slipped out of the yard and was hit by an oncoming car. Dani heard about it from a local website, hoped that it wasn’t her family pet and even prayed for the family of the dog. Turned out, it was Harley that was hit and if that wasn’t bad enough, details started emerging that would horrify all who heard them.

On scene, Harley did not die right away, he laid in the street gasping for air. Rather than allowing a concerned neighbor to take Harley in for treatment, the neighbor was threatened with violence and told he would be arrested if he came near the injured dog. What kind of society are we living in when a good Samaritan is threatened with arrest for simply doing what anyone would do in his situation?

Harley was subjected to the worst kind of cruelty by being left in the street for over ninety minutes suffering from his injuries. “It’s always about personal safety of that individual. It’s not trying to be cruel to the animal or the individual. It’s best if we get the Animal Control people in there, let them do what they do as experts and let them take the actions,” said Denver Police Dept spokesman Sonny Jackson. However, it should always be an individual’s decision whether there personal safety is in danger, or not. When a cop stops a person with threat of force from doing the right thing, there is a problem.

According to the official records, the police waited over fifteen minutes to call Animal Control. Animal Control finally made it to the scene over an hour later. Harley ultimately passed away from his injuries.

Many people may think that it is just a dog, and at least it’s not a person, but how much longer will this kind of overstep be limited to the domestic animal world? There is a frightening trend of increased police brutality, violence and coercion in this country. While Harley is just a dog, he was a member of the Juras family and they are heartbroken over what happened.

Now, friends, family and supporters from all over the world are speaking out against this latest outrage.

A Facebook page was started in support of Harley and to bring awareness to the situation. With over 700 supporters voicing their support of Juras and letting the Denver Police Department know how outraged they are over their blatant cruelty, Dani said she was touched and overwhelmed by all the support being shown to her family.

Some of the comments include:

Kristie Cooper: I am so sorry for your lost. I couldn’t imagine my dog lying in the street and the police just letting him die. This is the most inhumane and heartless thing a person could do. I don’t understand police dogs are treated with so much respect but these same officers cant have compassion of a person fur baby. I know this is heart breaking and i hope that you can find peace for your family and justice for Harley. My prayers go out to you and tour family.

Shiner Bock: People of Denver, and Colorado. This puppycide will not end, the sociopaths in the Police Departments will not see Justice, they will continue to kill and kill and kill again, dogs are inventory, property to these Officers and Officials. Nothing at all will be solved until the People of Denver and of Colorado tell their Police, their leaders and everyone they know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. Fire them put every kind of pressure on them, don’t let them have a night’s sleep until they solve their issues and show the People that crimes by their LEO’s will be prosecuted, prison time. It’s our responsibility and our duty to make our Govt. responsible and ultimately accountable to We the People. Do something!

Marcia Lardin Siemsen: So I have a question – if your dog gets hit by a car and law enforcement is on the scene, will you be threatened with arrest for trying to help your own dog? Or does this just apply if you are trying to help a dog that is not yours? SMDH

Lizz Huie-Fulks: Harley’s last minutes on this earth were terrible. The officer who kept people from helping needs to lose his badge. The story about protecting people from an injury is shall I say it, “a cop-out”. There was no reason to threaten people with getting arrested because there were no grounds to arrest anyone, no grounds. The officer was in the wrong, plain and simple. There is NEVER an excuse to allow a dog to suffer.

Juras noted, “There has been a great support system here for me and reading all the positive comments from everyone is amazing! I can’t say it helps my pain, but I’m looking at this as Harley is the voice for future pets that could fall in this situation!”

There is also a petition through with over 10,000 signatures demanding a public apology to the Harley’s family. You can find the petition here if you would like to add your name and tell the Denver Police Department what you think of them.

You can watch the ABC News7 interview with Harley’s owner as well.

For now, Dani and her family has to live with the constant reminders that Harley is no longer with them, and hoping this will never happen to another family, or their pet.

Andrea Dantzer

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200 lb Men Only Grab 100 lb Girls Like That Because They Like It

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This post was shared via’s submit page by a woman who prefers to remain anonymous.

Date of Interaction: March 13, 2o14
Police Employees Involved: Kevin Corbett, Jose Aljandro
Police Employee Information: Loveland Ohio Police Department

Apparently cops don’t give tickets for possession on the spot anymore. My warrant was issued a week after being caught, and five minutes later the local cop was ripping me out of my house in my socks with no coat and no explanation. I’ve been bullied by this entitled, power hungry cop before in normal routine traffic stops – traffic stops including sitting in my friends/co-workers driveway.

I am a mother, a business owner – not a crack head or junkie. I happen to smoke medicinal marijuana. The police force is making as much money as they can with task forces before it goes legal.

The officer explains to me that I can’t possibly be working because my normal work-from-home attire is not something he considers appropriate.

Okay, possession is possession. I will take my punishment. What I won’t take is a 200 lb man giving me bruises and making me look like a battered woman. This man has no business ever being in a position of power. He is no different than any other abusive man I’ve come in contact with – entitled and controlling! It oozes out of him and it’s disgusting.

Please get this man off the street! I have respect for the police department. I even have family in the biz. No, I was not resisting! How could I? Two 200 lb men vs. one 100 lb girl. I’m scared to death of retaliation. He drives past my house ten times a day, and follows me into parking lots. I’m a single mom of three. He knows that.

Please find every girl this guy has raped, and get him off the street!

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First Checkpoint Block of 2014

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DEO shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: April 12, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Seven Hills PD
Police Employee Contact Information: (216) 524-3911

The first checkpoint of 2014, Seven Hills was kind enough to set up for a couple hours for me to film. Olmstead Falls and Seven Hills are both on the list as the nicest officers at a DUI stop that I have ever met! Sgt Kapas (sorry if I screwed up the spelling, sarge) is open to conversation – nice guy. The best part about it?

If these stops are deemed constitutional on the grounds that the stop not be too invasive or too long, these guys got it down pat! No checking licenses, they are STRICTLY out to get drunks off the road! We can’t all say that about our checkpoints, can we? Parma? Cleveland?

Something I noticed though – you people LINED up to be stopped. Even with the sign and several turns before the checkpoint to get out of it, you couldn’t wait to get in that line up. Several of you did turn away, and to the additional credit of Seven Hills police, they were not going after people that opted out. They still had that CHOICE to NOT go through the checkpoint, without retaliation.

Remember to always drink responsibly and use a designated driver!

And don’t forget, badges don’t grant extra rights!


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