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Michael Nabert's photo.


“Terror” in Canada



Washington School Shooting


This is extraordinary. I’m speechless @BrilliantMaps: A map of every car bomb explosion in #Baghdad since 2003.”|By Brilliant Maps
I just took action to urge Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to suspend the program that provides billions of dollars worth of tanks, grenade launchers and machine guns to local law enforcement agencies. I think you should too.




  • Mysterious Central Texas – AT&T digital alerts Thursday and Friday …

    Spicewood, Texas – AT&T force tuned morning TV to a single news channel due to a domestic disturbance with a handgun and hostages 20 miles away. Not an emergency of a class sufficient to activate the Emergency Alert System.

  • FEMA, FCC to probe radio show after U-verse emergency alert glitch

    Austin American-Statesman-Oct 24, 2014
    Today’s broadcast triggered alert notification in states where the alert has … The statement went on to stay that such alerts are designed automatically set off … the National Emergency Alert System,” said spokeswoman Briana Gowing. … including those in Austin and Texas, are seeing a glitch this morning …


  • The Liberty Beat wrote: To show the officers as the aggressors, the Defense called Norma Pizana to the stand. Norma told the jury that she asked Antonio to record that night because she was afraid of what the officers would do to her. Visibly distraught, she shared with the court that physically, she had “never been treated like that by a male.”
By: John Bush “I was grateful Antonio was there to take pictures of what was happening because I feared for my safety.” That’s testimony shared yesterday by…
  • Debbie Russell wrote: So….’coincidentally’ Acevedo fired a cop this week for lying. Not for lying on an arrest affidavit, but for lying on an investigation he prompted for personal reasons. So, uh, why are Snider and Oborski on the stand — still working for APD again (in Antonio’s trial?).    …

    You know the state/APD’s scared of Antonio Buehler when they send TWO Assistant Chief’s to witness the entirety of a CLASS C MISDEMEANOR jury trial! Lol … shaking much, Chief Acevedo???  ‪#‎standwithAntonio‬    …

An Austin police lieutenant has been suspended following controversy surrounding an affair he was having with a married woman, according to a disciplinary note from…
Featured 33 Comments If you?re like me, deciding whether or not to vote for Austin?s light rail and road bond, Prop 1, has been challenging.


Austin’s Prop 1 will cost $27k per foot! The real joke: Prop 1 has $0 to improve our roads.


It’s hard to believe there’s a colonia in the Texas Hill Country, but apparently there is at the Johnson Ranch housing development in Bulverde.


Our go to guy for any Discordian related video work, Floyd Anderson had his mind blown by Arise! The SubGenius and then later by The Principia Discordia fnord. The revelation of the miraculous talking chimpanzee bringeth forth a most relevant religion. All hail Discordia. Fnord. We Discordians must…
Anti-Petrodollar Oil CEO Dies in Freak Plane Crash – #NewWorldNextWeek @8:15 mark 3aejU_3Lt7s Bumping per a suggestion of Perelandra’s to bring in the death of Christophe de Margerie. So, goodbye then, Christophe de Margerie. Big man in the Frenc…


Situational Design & The Art of Nonchalance Designers + Geeks presentation by Jeff Hull, Founder at Nonchalance 89968882 Filmed on March 20, 2014 in San Francisco The artists of Nonchalance create real-world adventures in which participants are whisked down a rabbit ho…


  • Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting shared: Peter Hart on Common Dreams: “The idea that Webb reported that the CIA itself was directly dealing drugs, and that it was ‘responsible for the crack epidemic’ in this country, is a misrepresentation designed to undermine Webb. And it’s not even a new one.”
In 1996, in the wake of his explosive “Dark Alliance” series for the San Jose Mercury News (8/18-20/96), the Washington Post was one of the major newspapers to attack…


Failed States: Central & South America


Not actually child-immigrant specific but … hat tip to Jeff Wells at evil fb (and the “evil” SPLC). A Texas Militiaman Reconsiders the Mission Charles Gilbert joined the Texas Border Volunteers to “kick some ass,” but the group’s tactics forced him to do some soul-searching. by…

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PsiOp-Radio Returns Sunday Night at 7pm CST


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Anomaly / PsiOp Radio 6/11/14



Podcast archive: ARN140611PORa.mp3

Intro Music: Holographic Universe – Thievery Corporation


CenTex – Austin


Copycat Revolution Has Begun?

A recent concentration of shootings has occurred in the Pacific Northwest. On Friday, June 6th, there was one at the Seattle Pacific University, and earlier today, June 10th, there was a school shooting in Troutdale, Oregon, near Portland. In Vancouver, specifically, local law enforcement officials noted that today’s shootings “followed two other public shootings that injured two people and killed a third since Saturday night.”

  – Loren Coleman at The Twilight Language blog


  • June 10th – Troutdale, Oregon AND Vancouver, British Columbia
  • June 8th – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • June 6th – Cumming, Georgia AND Chesapeake, Virginia
  • June 5th – Seattle, Washington
  • June 4th – Moncton, New Brunswick



War on the Second Amendment




Militarized Police



Mind Kontrol Redux Reports

InfoWars / MediaWars


Other News Headlines

BIJ : Drone Strikes in PakistanThis platform provides a spatial analysis of the targets of drone strikes in the frontier regions of Pakistan, and especially in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), between 2004-2014.The platform is based on data gathered from the database of drone strikes compiled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ). BIJ’s archives of news reports were scanned for information regarding the time, location and type of each target – whether it was on a vehicle, an outdoor gathering or on one of several types of building. This information was cross-referenced with data regarding the number of people reported killed, before being located on the map.The fact that is made visible on this map is that as buildings become the most common targets for drone campaign, the casualties of war have predominantly occurred inside them. This map provides a further resource to study the relation between target type, location and casualty count.


Blue Rose Reports




Musical Interlude:  Enancipator – Father King






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The Liberty Beat 03/20/2014

Gold opened today at $1326

Silver at $20.29
Bitcoin is trading at $592


An upgrade to the software running the bitcoin network is made. Security fixes that address the problems Mt. Gox blamed for the loss of bitcoins were put into place Wednesday.
PC World reports that the software, known as Bitcoin-QT, has been renamed as Bitcoin Core.” The rebranding is intended to show that it runs the core infrastructure of the cryptocurrency’s transaction and verification network.
According to the release notes, the latest version of bitcoin’s software contains more than a half dozen fixes for transaction malleability.


A surprise appearance Tuesday at the 2014 TED conference in Vancouver, Canada.
Brian Hagen has the story:

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, by use of a remote controlled satellite robot, appeared onstage to address the conference goers, outlining why he took the risk to make off with 1.7 million documents from the agency:

Snowden told the crowd that stopping terrorism is not the goal of the NSA’s massive surveillance program:


The Obama administration won’t give up the fight on climate change.
On Wednesday, the White House revealed a new website serving as a one-stop location for a massive amount of climate change data.
The LA Times reports the information contained on the site had previously been spread across the websites of numerous government agencies.
The website is President Obama’s latest move to deliver on his promise to use his executive authority to confront climate change despite congressional inaction.


On Wednesday Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen stated the U.S. Central Bank would likely end it’s bond-buying program by the fall and begin raising interest rates in the first half of 2015. Speaking at her first news conference as chair, Yellen discussed the bond-buying program known as Quantitative Easing, Yellen stated that the Fed planned to wait a “considerable time” before pushing up interest rates. When questioned on how long a considerable time was the Chair Woman’s answer was six months.

The general counsel in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence told the U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board that a recently revealed foreign surveillance program is specific with its targets and not bulk data collection. Robert Litt stated that bulk collection is “getting a whole bunch of communications, hanging onto them, and then figuring out later what you want. This is not that. This is a situation where we figure out what we want, and we get that specifically.” Litt was responding to a Washington Post report on the MYSTIC program which reportedly is capable of recording “100 percent” of a foreign country’s telephone calls. The comments by the general counsel conflict with media reports and leaked documents from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

On Tuesday law enforcement officers announced charges on fourteen men accused of operating an online child exploitation network. The men are accused of posing online as young girls to persuade the boys to share nude pictures. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Postal Inspection Service and federal authorities in Louisiana led the investigation, dubbed “Operation Round Table”. The network reportedly victimized 250 boys across 39 states and 6 countries.


PsiOp Radio 175 – 131020





C.O.P.A. – Coalition On Political Assassinations

MP3 Podcast Archive:

Texas Events in November



JFK Assassination Anniversary



“Come and Take It” / Texas Self-Defense & Anti Police-State Battleground

Prison Schools


The War on Journalism

Government Shutdown




Mind Kontrol


moving-camera moving-cameramoving-cameramoving-cameramoving-cameramoving-camera

Surveillance Society


Blue Rose Reports






The War on SOME Drugs


Ancient Humanity














Viral Marketing Watch


Troll Brigades and Cyber-Stalkers


Sandy Hook


”Hey Mercedes… You Got A Lot Of Explaining To Do.”


Death of Michael Hastings



Misc ParaPolitical Headlines


Copycat Effects


Misc Fortean Weirdness



Alamo Drafthouse Films Presents:

Before There Was Punk, There Was …

A Band Called Death


Musical Intros, Interludes, Outros:

Death – …For The Whole World To See (Full Album)


  • 7) Politicians In My Eyes: 20:29
  • 4) You’re A Prisoner: 11:27


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