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Greetings from Anomaly Radio founder SMiles Lewis.

As the proprietor of this webradio establishment, it goes without saying that the Talk and Music content of the station reflect the interest areas and musical tastes of it’s founder and owner.

rfemw1I began webcasting as a hobby via Live365 back in November of 2000 as Radio-Free-Elfis. Some friends and I began a semi-weekly broadcast in two hour increments wherein we’d do in-house interviews, phone interviews and interviews with the occasional musicians we had on as musical guests. That was the Radio-Free-Elfis show.

In between these talk shows (and rebroadcasts of my other talk show appearances and those of a select few of my fellow Kook friends) I played an ever expanding musical collection I was amassing from my rich and varied aural tastes. rfeani2

L365bestof7In fact, in 2004 one of those webradio streams was Nominated by Live365 as “Most Unlikely to be Heard on AM/FM Radio”. I was streaming mostly Alex Jones’ best interviews and access TV shows at the time. We didn’t win … we lost, synchronisticly, to another Austin, Texas broadcaster, FlufferTrax.

The image “http://www.nufoc.net/nufoc38/images/nufocpostsm.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Between organizing the ill-fated 38th National UFO Conference in September of 2001 and the founding of the non-profit Anomaly Archives lending library in 2003 I served as the Editor / Content Wrangler for the Austin Para Times newspaper which birthed what ultimately became Weird Magazine. During my Editorship of Austin Para Times I co-hosted the Para Times Radio show broadcast on Talk Radio 590 AM with 2012 Media publisher Russ Dowden.

After that I began co-hosting the Thursday Evening News on KOOP Radio 91.7 FM with radio show personalities Angela Keaton, Scott Horton and “Gabo de la Guerra”.

Austin Para Times - Not Your Normal News

Over the years I’ve been the guest of many of the above mentioned radioshow hosts as well as historic episodes of Robert Larson’s Cartoon Pleroma radioshow on KUCI FM in Irvine and Luke’s Rant on the Revere Radio Network.

Now I play Radio Network Host to the Shows of many of these close friends who continue as Hosts of their own radioshows and podcasts. Check out the current Schedule of shows.

We hope you will Listen and Explore the various Talk and Music shows.

– SMiles

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