Anomaly Radio 7/2/14



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Intro Music: Tycho – Send And Receive

CenTex – Austin

Join us Saturday night, July 26th at the Austin Center for Spiritual Living.

Doors open at 6:30 pm – Lecture begins promptly at 7 pm CST.



Musical Interlude: Pamela Stonebrooke / Photek – Levitation / Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment


  • Dowsing (Remote Sensing) Research!

Via INACS FaceBook Feed: Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS) shared Paul H. Smith‘s photo. April 22 at 1:00am

Paul stopped by our office Saturday and took photos of our ongoing Remote Dowsing experiment. Here, one of our volunteer participants uses a pendulum to locate his ring which has been placed on a grid in the next room. (Photo taken with participant’s permission.) -Bob Price-
Here is Charles Peltosalo, one of my advanced CRV students, participating in the on-going remote dowsing experiment being conducted by the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS). INACS won the Warcollier Prize for the best experiment proposal at the 2012 RVcon,and will be reporting the results of this exciting experiment at the 2014 Remote Viewing Conference (details at -Paul Smith-



Outro Music: The Eighth Tower by Algorhythms



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  1. Hi SMiles! Nice show! I especially liked hearing from Pamela Stonebrooke, what an interesting and talented lady and i love Greg Bishop’s interview with her.

    So yesterday on All Things Considered (propaganda machine providing services for the center right) they had a nice little piece on the sad demise of Britain’s Recording Clubs:

    Interesting on its face for any radio-head, but this little bit seemed made for you by the gods of synchtonicity themselves!

    “… when cassette tapes came along, recording clubs even organized what are known as talking newspapers with members reading the local news for the blind – or what passed for the local news.


    WOMAN: Is Brentwood being watched? This is the question being asked by local UFO experts. The second Brentwood sighting in as many months came on Tuesday.”

    wow! ijust love it!! i hope you enjoy too :) Even tho it’s from NPR, and altho ATC gives me the willies for personal reasons theses days – i found out a couple of years ago that my boyfriend when i was 20 (30 years ago!) is now Executive Producer for that show. It’ turns out that Adam Gorightly and i were both born in Fresno in the same year, whether it’s due to the confluence and time and space i don’t know but our interests and personalities bear a frightening congruence. Can you imagine finding out Mr. Gorightly’s former flame was heading up NBC nightly news? And how appalled would you feel in a similar situation? How could i spend that much time with another person and then they go on to happily shovel unending piles of manure for the man?

    Friends and family say, ‘hey, good for bunnyface to do so well for himself!’ and smile (except mom, who hates him for dumping me, altho by that time he was back in the UK and i was seeing a couple of other guys, so…..’you make the call’) – but i like to think a person who has devoted his life to ‘anomalous broadcasting’ can understand my pain and confusion about this fickle world in which we live.

    I hope you’re enjoying your staycation – they can be the most fun of all! Especially with mucho dragonflies……as it happens, the mascot animal of my husband. Take care and have a great day!! steph

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