Anomaly Radio 4/9/14



Podcast archive: ARN140409a.mp3

Intro music: Dodge & Fuski – Come Again

Recent Events:

ParaPolitical Headlines of Note:

“On Sept 12, 2001 the national security state entered the cockpit of (to modernize a phrase) the plane of state, hijacked it, and steered it directly for the Bermuda Triangle — and here was the strangest thing of all: no one even noticed.”

– Tom Engelhardt

Kent State

Werther Blues / Blue Rose Reports

Copycat Effects

Police State

Misc. Parapolitical Headlines


Musical Interlude: SKisM – Experts (Official Video)

SkyNet / Drone War News

Second Amendment

Food Rights



Anomalous Headlines of Note

Anomalous Headlines

CenTex Misc


Outro Music: Leftöver Crack – World War 4

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  1. Hullo SMiles!! Enjoyed the show!! I always appreciate the live ones, i know they’re a lot of work so thank you :)

    I had to laugh at myself when you were talking about the mass number of mosquito hawks, and your cat’s gustatory fascination with them. My cat (the bouche) had just had a fussy day – begging for food constantly, trying to ‘herd’ me downstairs to the refrigerator, etc. I was sorely tempted to call in and have “Uncle SMiles” explain to the bouche that he needs to wait for his father to come home (and feed him melted cheddar cheese by hand).

    But i restrained myself. Hope you and Mrs. SMiles and kitty have a great weekend! steph

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