Anomaly Radio Interviews 8BitAgent about 911


The Deep-Parapolitics and Esoterics of 911 with guest 8bitAgent:

Podcast archive: arn-interviews-8bitagent-140226a.mp3




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  1. I cannot tell you the beautiful synchronicity of this show! Feeling really ratty, just got diagnosed with profound anaemia which short version means i’ll pry be feeling crummy for months, plus all the test for the ‘why?’.

    so last nite i was bummed because my husband and i had tickets to go see Cibo Matto and i was too wiped to attempt it. I was desperately looking for SomeThing Fun to podcast, nothing doing, (Smiles you just mentioned your spouse, nice timing) checked in at Rig Int and lo and behold what thread is there smack on the front page of General Discussion? “8bitagent LIVE with Smiles!!!!!!”

    How beautiful timing! How many years have i read 8bit’s various comments on the 911 megaritual and his documentation of the deep state connections; how many times have i dogged him on being more specific about who/what this ritual was about/supposed to invoke; how many times have i wished i got his e-mail before i had my RI account deleted (i feel the wombat); how many times i wished i knew a nice lady synchro-mys-spiracy theorist i could introduce him to………

    so having watched this guy’s thinking for 7-8 years, had no contact for around five? and that whole time never having heard his voice – then to have it pop up on really a kind of funky night is just outstanding timing. High five to you both!

    And how nice of you to have the file up so quickly – listening to it right now! I wish i’d been able to call in, ah, maybe next time ;) i still would like to get 8bit more drilled down into more exactly how this ritual was supposed to work……

    take care and have fun you guys!!! steph ‘lunarose’

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