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Typhoon Haiyan - Result of Climate Change?“Typhoon Haiyan – Result of Climate Change?”

The Philippines delegate at the UN Climate Change talks that began recently has blamed Typhoon Haiyan on climate change, and urged sceptics to ‘get off their ivory towers’

No matter where you stand on climate change, it is obvious that our weather is becoming more extreme every year. Take the politics out of the debate and you may get a clearer picture on the situation. There are not two sides, but the whole of humanity. There are no winners and losers, we all either win or lose in the future we make for ourselves. Just think about it…


Super Smog Hits North China City“Super Smog Hits North China City”

Visibility shrank to less than half a football field and small-particle pollution soared to a record 40 times higher than an international safety standard in the northern Chinese city Harbin as the region entered its high-smog season.

Air pollution has been identified as a major cause of cancer and is being officially classified as carcinogenic to humans. Meanwhile many of the world’s countries continue produce record amounts of smog and air pollutants each year. We need to clear the air on this subject, we need to breathe. Just think about it…

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