Mind Set Daily – November 12, 2013

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Man Dies Opening Pandoras Box

Mystery surrounds the death of a 37-year-old man who collapsed after opening ‘Pandora’s box’.Jason Airey was found slumped unconscious by his parents in the bedroom of their Carlisle home in May this year. A box bearing the words ‘Pandora’s box’ was beside him.

Mysterious disease rapidly turning starfish to ‘slime’

SAN FRANCISCO—Scientists are struggling to find the trigger for a disease that appears to be ravaging starfish in record numbers along the U.S. West Coast, causing the sea creatures to lose their limbs and turn to slime in a matter of days.

US Navy Secrets ‘Sold For Lady Gaga Tickets’

A US Navy commander has been accused of passing secrets to a Malaysian businessman in exchange for bribes, including access to prostitutes and Lady Gaga tickets.

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