PsiOp Radio 137 – 110111 Surprise Show


PsiOp Radio 137 – 110111

Copycat Effects 2011 & Political Fallout

Drone Wars / Surveillance Society

Post-WikiLeaks World News

MICkey Mouse & Ike Eisenhower’s Cold War

CenTex Headline News

Border Zone Drug War

Deep Politics / Parapolitical Headlines

Obama and the AmeriKan War Empire

Vigilante Justice & Men-in-Tights

Mad Science Headlines: Antimatter / Vaccines / Weather Mod.

Mass Animal Deaths / End of the World?

Social Media and the Afterlife

Paranormal News

Blue Rose Reports

PsyOps Media & Mind Kontrol

EMF & SmartMeter News

PsiOp Radio links 101212 – 101231

Blue Rose Reports

Ancient Humanity / Civilization

Torture News

WikiLeaks Watch

Israel News

Drone War News

Mind Control & Kontrol

Obomba Birth Broohaha

AmeriKa – FUCK YEAH!

PsyOps, Movies and the War Machine

“Insurgent Math”

Taser Torture News

Parapolitical News

The War on SOME Drugs

The Criminality of War & War Criminals

CenTex News / Headlines

Copycat Effect News

Police State News

TSA: Total Sexual Assault

Police State Culture War: Armenian’s Against “Emo” Kids

PreCog Dream Resource Websites

Misc. Headlines

911 News

Financial Crisis / Economic Warfare

Mad Science: AIDS Cure?! Mercury Fillings Safety?!


UFO Headlines

Paranormal News

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